New Faction - Emperinazar

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New Faction: Emperinazar Join Emperina, as you explore the kingdom of Emperinazar! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled by Emperinazara! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Emperinazar.

1800 epic to mythic
3400 legendary to mythic
6600 rare to mythic
9400 ultra rare to mythic

32 coin purse
133 gold ring
43 priest chalice
12 genie’s lamp
10 sacred treasure

9 epics from event shop

Legendary at Mythic + 7 copies
Epic at Mythic + 24 copies

10 sacred treasures… never seen so many in such a short time. Also, I don’t remember the last time I struggled to pull the ultra rare this much more than the rare…

Emperinzara, Gobtruffle’s best friend.


Now I wonder about a team with Gobtruffle, Emperinazara, Bul’Tauros, and a hero with the Lightning Strike talent.

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A goblin, a lizard, a bull, and a hero walk into a bar…


… The bartender looks up from the counter and says “What is this, some kind of joke?”


Just gotta read all the Kobolds’ lines in voices like those of The Flag Zealots of RvB.

(Link has cursing, ye be warned.)

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Not hooked on that Bonestorm trait when not doing with potions. I know the final room will have it anyway, but the in between rooms don’t. Nothing worse than skulls in delve without potions.

At least there’s some protection and summons…

Will probably sway me on traiting it…

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Bit odd how the ultra rare knight does more damage than the epic magi

I used 9k portal shards, and had 7 Legendary, 9 Epic, 9 Ultra Rare, and 8 Rare left over after ascensions. I thought that was a pretty interesting split.

I also got 10 Sacred Treasures.

And I declare myself King of the Underworld. No need for others to check their results, Game Over. For the Horde

Good luck all in GW next week. :axe::rage::shield:


Slow on pulling legendary and, as is customary, Sacred Treasures (Illithia with 13 and Deep Hive with 10 (well, Mirrored Halls with 5 when I started counting) are outliers, otherwise it’s three or less every time.


I see they just reused the all seeing eye map.

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Pretty sure in ASE there aren’t 3 valid paths to the boss, though, since the branches dead-end…


looks like I got the Kobold Magi in the Arena (already). 0 delay before releasing into the Arena is a nice touch.

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ASE was an 8 room delve:

 Top Path was Common, Rare, Legendary and a dead end.
 Middle Path was Epic.
 Bottom Path was Rare and Ultra-Rare.

It was also a Temple, where as this is a Shrine. Completely different venue. :slight_smile:

I still only at Lvl 200. Potionless Pure Faction done with Knight, Kobold, Magi, and Emp. I meant to try Knight x2, but forgot to change from Lvl 100 with Kobold. Hoard still at 100.

I won’t make 300 before reset. No where near 500 like most of Leaderboard. I still have my screenshot to keep me warm at night tho.

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Pity they also didn’t reuse some of the types of delve fractions that actually work. This mob apart from the tasteless art work they share have nothing useful to work together. Pity anyone aiming for 500 pure faction without potions. More delve pure hell coming. In summary: garbage faction.

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I beat it at 300 without potions at hoard 100 on the first try. Takes quite a while though because it’s a contest between who can get rid of the opposing healer first. It’s basically Tinker Town redux without the suicidal troops.

I am far from an expert at delves but if 300 is doable without potions, 500 isn’t that much more difficult (especially if you raise your hoards a little bit). That’s been my experience with past delve factions.


My first run at potionless 300 failed because I foolishly attacked Tangled Path. Next room was Lair of Shadows, and Sister of Shadows killed my Healz after Shadow Hunter bashed her for 333 dmg. Definitely should avoid Tangled Path in all Delves.

Second run was successful. Guild Bonus of +4 Life/Armor, Hoard 100, Khaziel still at 10, 2 Seasonal Medals and 1 Orpheus. Not the best delve, but not the worst either.

Second run did have first Knight turned into Toad by Hag, but I was unable to keep it alive through the Next room. Would have been nice to drag their Healz to front…


Fun fact.

The boss battle it’s self this faction with a pure Faction team on level 500 takes more time to complete than a single developer of Gems of War has played Gems of War off the clock this week. (45 minutes seems to be the average time from what my members are reporting in.)

Is any of that considered when designing troops and their placements in battles? Of course not.

Legendary summoners go in the 4th position. No matter if the world is ending or not! Damnit!

P.S. I’d be happy to complain less, if others complained more on here. It’s not my fault that so many would rather just quit and give up rather than speak out. So sorry if my negative feedback triggers you. Bad design choices trigger me, so now we have something in common. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would have complained but assumed that the 45 min worst-ever-battle with 34 troops killed in total was because of my stupidity to not take the Kobold, suicidal troop as it is. Kind of need it to be able to target the 4th slot.

I’m sure many players start with it, doesn’t mean it’ll survive until the boss battle.