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New Faction - Lyrasza's Lair

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-lyraszas-lair/

New Faction: Lyrasza’s Lair Join Baba Yaga, as you explore the madness of Lyrasza’s Lair! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, experimented on by Lyrasza! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Lyrasza’s Lair.

I did Tier 4 from the shop.
I can figure out how many shards I used if necessary.
But for me… The Epic Rarity troop seemed unusually elusive.

Has this been messed with again?

3,000 to get epic to mythic (9 epics/4 tier 7s from the store)
5,800 to get legendary to mythic
7,000 to get rare to mythic
7,600 to get ultra rare to mythic

Forgot to write the starting point of my treasures, so I don’t have it this time. At least the shard pulling went better this time than last time.

Sitting on 14 copies of the Epic at Mythic at the end.

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9200 shards to max the rare. Such rng

You have seen what this faction is like, yes? The troops might as well have “RNG” tattooed on their foreheads.


This faction is madness.



Good grief, capitalize. What the censoredwords.
Not hard to do. I Can Prove It.


Earnt 28,800 shards since last delve.
Spent them all because why not?

102 CP
341 GR
192 PC
88 KC
52 GL
20 ST

Enough to take hoard to 318, but I only wanted to go to 200 so I used 20 ST, 40 GL and 1 KC to get exactly lv 200. Gold cost was only 1,379,000. I’ll update post with how much gold I make taking delve to 500.

Too many OR’s for my taste. Gotta be honest.


8k got me this:

I wasn’t paying attention, went slightly overboard. So probably closer to 7.8k or something to get the Rare.
(Tier VI purchase so that’s only 15 Epics)

Is this the first delve with no treasure rooms?

Without how many total shards you used I can still compare the state rate within the troop subset. Stated rate of Epic troops within the subset of having pulled a troop is about 13.3%. You got 15 Epics out of 208 total troops pulled (only 1 of your Epics was from the shop). The cumulative probability of getting 15 (or fewer) Epic troop drops out of 208 troop pulls at the stated rate of 13.3% is about 0.2%.

That “bad luck” akin to some of the worst I’ve experienced in this game with regard to troop drops (both “good” and “bad”), for over four years across four accounts, but not bad enough to declare something being broken given the sample size. (Though seeing these kind of numbers would make me enough to be suspicious and at least take more samples, because it makes this data set fall pretty far outside a 95% confidence level estimate.) If you had four fewer Epic drops with an otherwise equal distribution between the troop rarites, you’d be far enough off the scale that even this sample set would have been enough for me to say something is probably broken. If you and others had similar distributions, I’d say something is at probably at least off somewhere, but lets take a look at the others so far:

@Shimrra got 30 epics out of 400 total pulls, with an expected rate of 5.99%, and so got much more epics than expected, but still totally within reason. Total expected shards to mythic all spent were really close, though, still well within reason.

The distribution from @TheIdleOne is also in line with expectations. Not quite dead in the middle, but pretty close, with the total expectation of shards spent being spot on. 20 copies of the epic in 380 pulls, so slightly fewer epics than average, and still well within reason.

@Noob’s numbers are in the top 4 percentile range of “bad luck” for rares (unsure about epics, since shop tiers aren’t stated), but would have fallen within a 95% confidence level estimate for rares. Unsure how many shop tiers were bought, but would likely between 26 and 30 epics in 460 pulls, in line with expectations (slightly above to slightly below).

The distributions appear to be spread out, as expected, so theres no evidence of anything being skewed or broken, leaving the initial set as just an anomaly with no greater explanation than “bad luck”. Probably.


Did I Mis An Update To The Official English Language Guide?
I could have sworn the correct way is to capitalize the first word only (plus exceptions like names).

What’s madness storm even supposed to mean? The help tabs to the side only denotes a cleanse, but I’m not even sure if that’s just my medal of cedric global medal applied.


Its a reference to a song.

PSA: It’s not really obvious from the delve layout but you can take any path you want to the boss room. You don’t have to do the middle UR room at all if you don’t want to.

You could do the top-left room then do the bottom-right room if you wanted even though they appear not connected.


Blue+purple storm, it shows by clicking on the storm symbol:

A minor quibble but: this Faction is linked to Shetang but the quest features Baba Yaga and she talks about Urskaya?

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Most of the factions are mismatched from their overworld counterparts.

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@Stix…all spells are incorrectly capitalised in this game. Pick any troop you want and there is guaranteed to be incorrect mid sentence capitalisation.