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[Fixed] Wrong Kingdom on the Faction Pet from The Deep Hive

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:


The Deep Hive pet above showing Faction Kingdom.


Amnithrax pet above showing linked Kingdom.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Previous pets were linked to the linked kingdom rather than the faction kingdom.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Always and since release.

Steps to make it happen again

Look at pet.


Explains why “drifting sands” cannot obtain the 3 pet part to get to level 19.

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For level 19 you would also need 28 troops, I believe. We now have 27.

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I have the same bug, too.

Devs, please fix it. My Drifting Sand kingdom is pet locked still.

Same here.

From July 18th '19 all faction pets belong to kingdoms. Please fix Miniskito.

Hello when do you fix Miniskito ?
The kingdom is “Drifting sands". Deep hive is a faction.

Honestly I have zero faith in their QA at this point.

Either they are just terrible, are constantly rushed with no time to do their job, or perhaps both.

I’m not expecting every thing to work, but can’t there be one thing that is implemented without some bug or glitch?

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damn! already 2 full working days passed in Australia and still no answer from a dev about this important bug? Have they all been “Coronaed”?

On PS4 its fixed now.

Not on Xbox. Have you checked the Power level kingdom info? for me it still say 2/3 for kingdom pets owned in place of 3/3.

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Weird! I just reloaded my Xbox version and it still show 2/3 in the power level info.

but why you still have the words “Noch nicht verfügbar” then?

Good question, i know this from weekly resets.
But also then only the green check was important.

Maybe someone who hasnt 3 myth pets like me, can also check.

Just upgraded Drifting Sands to power 18.

This was fixed as quickly as possible after the issue appeared.

And yes, we are all in isolation so fixes may take longer than usual and as per our published procedure the bug reports are only checked twice per week, if I have time, more often, but the expected checks are twice per week.

If your Kingdom didn’t power level up after the fix and it should have please contact support: