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[Fixed] Miniskito not being counted towards Power Level

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

After the Miniskito kingdo fix I expected to get another star in Drifting Sands but it doesnt count the pet.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Happens always and began after the change a little while ago.

Steps to make it happen again

Need a second pet at level 20 and try to use Miniskito to increase kingdom power level.


I tried restarting, not sure what else I can try at the moment.

EDIT- Apparently upgrading any pet, or even feeding it 1 food, will correct the problem. If you do not have one handy there is a new pet Wednesday that can be used.

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From reddevils on discord.


How is it possible for there to be two places in the code where pet kingdom is stored?


PS4 here, I can confirm the second screenshot. Very strange - the 2/3 Kingdom power button links to the collection with 3/3 pets visible.

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Apparently fixed on PS4 but not for me on Xbox. (I just reloaded the game and still show 2/3 pets owned in place of 3/3)

Try upgrading any pet, it should recalculate all kingdom requirements.

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I can confirm that upgrading another pet resolved the issue for me. Luckily I had one that needed feeding.

I cant. My 3 pets in Drifting sands are already at lvl 20.

edit: you mean upgrading a pet that is not from Drifting sands too?

No, they changed it the right way, but the code to check for power levels wasn’t triggered by the fix, only when upgrades are made. Its possible that leveling any troop up might trigger it? (not just a pet)

edit: Verified that upgrading a troop or weapon does NOT trigger the power level update, only a pet. sorry for the false-hope.


Yes, I upgraded Shortlong and now my Drifting Sands pets are being credited correctly.

Edit: I should probably add that I’m on PC/Mobile (iOS).

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For anyone like me who doesnt have a pet ready to upgrade, tomorrow is a new pet so we will all have a chance then.


Rescuing a pet also works. You do not need to trigger it or ascend it.



Thanks to everyone helping in this thread and recommending to upgrade another pet.

Still not completely fixed: after upgrading a pet, its indeed showing 3/3 for the pets owned in this kingdom but it also still say “Not achievable yet”. (xbox)

For PC/Mobile the next star isn’t achievable yet due to the troops not the pets.

On Xbox, the “Not achievable yet” is also written under the “collect 3 drifting sands pet” despite having 3/3 pets and the phrase written in green.


If your power level hasn’t increased yet due to this issue and it should have please contact support directly: