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Queen B ruined the game

A troop which doesn’t appear in free chests spamming PVP to avoid high scoring games has killed the game for me, I hate how pay-to-win this game has become so I think i’m done.

This troop is in free chests → just take a look at the deep hive.


It’s not. Troop is avaible from portals in Deep Hive… and thanks to that is one of EASIER legendary troops to get… From loot tables: you got exaclty 5,99% chance, that opening single portal will give you THAT troop
All faction troops are easier to get, than non-faction troops…
Going with keys:
Glory keys 0,5% for legendary
Gem keys 2% for legendary
Event keys 3,2% for legendary
VIP keys 23,34% for legendary (but these appear for free only in Adventure board and other than that require VIP5 to be able to buy them )

And don’t forget you get random legendary from keys vs EXACT legendary from portals.

Obtaining Beetrix doesn’t have anything with pay-to-win… i’d say it’s grind-to-win as paying players can reduce grind for beetrix only by buing shard offers (which free-to-play player can also buy for gems)
Guess you missed out on, how to obtain faction troops…or the whole underground/delve thing…


Portal = chest :roll_eyes:


portal > chest :sunglasses: (at least in terms of getting EXACT legendary troops)


Some just born to correct others. You one of them, right @Sytro ?


I like to be precise and don’t like shorthands that might mislead people… chests are chest, and portals are portals, both are lottery machines, but produce different results…
I’m also not so confident if faction troops drop from chests, or are they exclusive to portals… and if that’s the case, than writting, Queen B can be looted from chests is false and might be misleading.

So yeah I like to be precise and correct information that might be misleading.

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If you need to, ok - i just wanted to write a brief fundamental answer, but thanks for your essay :rofl:

You are welcome to add details, but miscredit doesnt fit here.

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Some people like to be snarky because they don’t like to be corrected and have to admit a mistake.

You and Live those sort of people, Elka? :roll_eyes:

And before you reply, consider, how many Portals can you open with Keys?

And how many Chests can you open with Shards?

Whatever, you’ll probably want to get the last word in on this, so please enjoy it…


  • Queen Bee is not pay-to-win since she can easily be obtained from Deep Hive portals.
  • Chests and portals are both free-to-play resources (although arguably you could speed that up with purchases)
  • Portals (chaos shards) != Chests (keys/glory/guild seals/gems)

(No one help him or her here please.)

But since you made the pay to win argument in regards to Queen B.

How does one exactly buy Queen B?


The system, my friend.
You offer free (!) ressources (for example keys, shards, gems…) in a random (from a defined pool) reward. No more, no less, of course you can add more details. And we got a lot here…

But i fear only @awryan got the real point here! :innocent:


Thank you! The game is not ENTIRELY pay-to-win. This person is complaining that something you can get from the Underworld or from Legendary Tasks WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONEY is somehow a pay-to-win aspect of the game. I know you’re often considered rude to players and very condescending toward the developers and publishers, and I don’t entirely disagree. But you do have the community’s best interests. This person is beyond help and is completely right to leave the game and stop spreading their stupidity. They’re just leaving for a COMPLETELY WRONG reason.

I guess when strangers on the internet feel entitled enough to randomly judge you on the internet like you just did. You’re not always going to be 100% a nice guy.

In regards to the developers/publishers. I give them 100% honest feedback. When they do great work. I give them sincere appreciation. (And more importantly, hard earned money of my own.) When they do half assed work, I act like an ass depending on the severity of the issue.

Lots of folks weighed in on this thread. Don’t know why you chose to single me out. But if that’s how you show appreciation. Then next time it’s better left unsaid. Or just hit the “like” button.

Being told that “people” say I’m rude and condescending and that you agree with them. Demonstrates to me that despite it being 4 months since your last post:

We probably would of been fine with you waiting 5 months until you posted again.

And if people read that as “rude” or “condescending”. Can you really blame me??

Pretty sure I have never (and would never.) Talk about another player like that. Yet somehow I’m the one “that people talk about” maybe people just need to make better use of their time or stop putting down others in hopes of raising themselves up (or their guilds). 🤷

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“Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Sorry to both of you. I’ve been dealing with political morons on Imgflip. (Please don’t ask what I told them or what they said, as I don’t want to involve politics and it’s likely against the rules.) I guess I’ve been used to talking down on people the past few days. AW, people think of you like that, I know you’re not. I’m just saying it’s the way you come across to people in text (which I would know since I’ve been told that in the past). I know you’ve been very kind to me personally from past experience. The main point of my reply was to reaffirm your point that Beetrix is not a pay-to-get troop. I apologize for anything offensive beyond that.

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Yeah, I am curious to know how can we buy Queen B with real money?

Wild guess: maybe there are flash offers with legendary troops? IDK…