Noob Questions

Hello, a couple of quick questions here:

  • Is there a way to farm gems?
  • I need a second Queen Beetrix. Can I keep spending Chaos Shards hoping it will drop, or do I need to wait till it comes to the forge?

Thank you!

Second question - spend more shards. Delve troops never appear in Soulforge or any kind of chests.

Farm gems by collecting your attributes every hour! Gold chests and glory chests too gives too gems.

For gems - complete activities which award gems in the adventure board!

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For gems? You can also get a trickle if you play Treasure Hunt. It’s not a large number, and it takes some effort, but it’s a mechanism that can work for you so long as you moderate your expectations.

As for Beetrix? Chaos Shards being spent in that delve is your only hope outside of the possibility that she’d drop as a reward from Legendary Tasks completed by your guild. She won’t come to the Soulforge or to chests of any variety because delve troops never do.

Thanks everyone! I got my second Queen Beetrix! Now I need to work on my gems. :sweat_smile:


Work on your kingdom power levels, you’ll eventually gain most of your gems from tributes.


Thats what i say!

One more question: I just tried a new team, 2x Dustdevil, and 2x Ironhawk for low level gold farming. I get zero class XP when using the team (yes, I have one equipped). When I switch to a different team (with the same class), I get the class XP. Am I missing something? Thanks!

To get class experience you have to actually use hero in your team.
If you don’t field one, class name of the banner stays from the last hero class you used in that particular team slot - it’s impossible to get it blank.

Thanks so much for the answer! I learn something new every day. :blush: