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Souls, Gold, Glory, Keys, and Gems Farming

Sooo, what are THE best teams specifically for each and how much can you potentially get per match?

Also, is there a farming team that can generate that white looking coin thingy with the blue thingy in the middle of it? It’s the thing you use to level up your mana color.

Gold, pvp.
Glory maps
Gems, maps
souls, arena(depending on difficulty), or using a soul generator. 3 casts of avina at level 18 normally gets you to the soul cap and she counters skeletons so grinding in the boneyard (if you know what i mean) is the best solution to that.

Getting in a guild is also a viable method as you can use it to get everything but gold. (you complete tasks with gold.)

Before someone freaks at me what i mean about the bone yard is ghulvania, or karvash, you know the undead kingdoms.

You mean Ghulvania and Khetar I assume, as the bone yard.

@AboveOmnipotence: Are you by any chance on console? I can’t place “that white looking coin thingy with the blue thingy in the middle”, unless you refer to guild tokens (which are spent by your guild leadership on guild masteries).

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Yes, console. And yes.