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Chaos shards

As I see it sometime around September or October the last delve will appear. I use chaos shards to get troops from new delves and usually spend 7K to 10K on the new troops. This lets me ascend them all to mythic and gives me 4 copies of each one. Fine. So far so good.
We have 7 delves to go so I need about 60K chaos shards. I have 120K. What do I do with the other 60K? Not to mention the thousands I will pick up during the year. I don’t need any more faction troops to improve delve quality, I am sitting on over 250 kings crowns, over 50 genies lamp and I don’t even want to discuss the massive volume of gold rings.
We need a new use for these, otherwise they will pile up like treasure maps.


Your additional shards are to be used on Sacred Treasures, to save you gold when increasing Hoard Levels.

The more high-end treasures you use, the more gold you save, and since gold is useful and chaos shards / treasures (at least for now) are not, it’s as good an exchange as one can hope for.

EDIT: (and who knows — maybe they will be useful in future updates for buying troops on the third map or something, but I really, really doubt it)


Or Glory…

Or souls…ect…

Welcome to Gems of War, where they keep making new resources, so they can keep making the old resources obsolete.


What @Magnusimus said

You can always keep pushing for more and more Sacred Treasures and shoot for an elusive level 1,000 Hoard on a kingdom

I don’t even want to know how much gold that require though.


I’ll hide it in a spoiler then.

Using only Sacred Treasures: 1001 treasures, 133.4mil
Only gold lamps: 2002 lamps, 267.4mil
For giggles, using only rings: 20020 rings, 2.68bil


Give me some of those crowns and lamps. I need to level my hoards further for pure faction attempts but the best treasure I have left are gold rings. :face_vomiting:

I doubt the average player has too many.


Chaos shards certainly aren’t useless YET. Only after all factions are at 2500 renown can you say that. As mentioned above you should spend them in order to save yourself millions of gold in upgrading you hoards.

Keep yourself a safety stash and then spend any shards you earn each month above that amount on each new delve (this can easily be 20k+). I take each new delve hoard to 200 and usually only costs me 2-3M.

By the way, souls and glory are not useless either. You need like 40M souls for medaling troops for kingdom power eventually and glory can be used to pull mythics.


I foresaw this reality so I stopped doing daily factions early on. The time it takes is not worth it in the end because we will be rolling in shards after everything is done.

This is why the Faction design is cough not good - once you get a faction to 2500, you can just forget about it. For Tuesdays, I just buy the first Shop level to get max rewards (maybe 45 minutes) and then go do something fun.


I do daily factions for the class XP, not just for the shards.


I’m not particularly worried about them becoming redundant, I just wish the devs didn’t have such a super inflated notion of their value. Anyone who has played for a few months probably has more than they need and the inclusion of a guaranteed chaos gnome in every EVK just feels like trolling or at the very least a symptom of devs with no clue how this game is played.

Going up to 200 to try a pure faction run without potions may be a good idea.

That’s how i got so many shards.