QOL Update: Opening Portals

Currently doesnt matter if you open 1, 10 or 1000, it will cost the same amount of chaos shards.

Can we have it updated, like the glory bundles, to buy as many as we want? It isnt changing cost, is just making opening them all easier and less time, so we have more time to play.

This is mind numbingly boring opening 7k+ worth of shards at once


I’d also be happy with 3 options like when we open regular chests. 20<200<2000. I don’t think the server could handle 7k+ all at once though.


+1 with Smash

I’m on board, so long as it doesn’t also cause something to be arbitrarily capped like when said change was introduced for the glory shop (there’d be no feasible reason for it to for portals, but I feel an abundant need to clarify this directly anyways because you never know).


Fleg is correct about the server strain; that’s why we don’t have higher than 200 chests at once in other areas.

That being said, chaos shards are extremely formulaic to the point of being quite predictable. Either way, gotta get more than ten items at once.

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Currently as it stands its about 5 clicks per 1 lot of 200 shards. At ~7.6k shards to get all 4 to mythic 4 copies, thats ~190 clicks to get them all.

Even opening 200 at once like keys, meaning 4,000 shards, thats about 10 clicks now. Thats A LOT better, and it doesnt have to replace the other options, it could work the same as keys, as in 1, 50, 200 style system, and let people pick which 1 as well as scaling the last to cap at 200

They would have to adjust gold to allow for this… but it’s a great idea

Which is weird. Technically, wouldn’t opening 10 chests 20 times cause just as much total server strain? Possibly even more, since you now need to process 20 transactions instead of just a single one? If the issue is calculating 200 chest drops in a very short time span, why not just let it take a bit longer and show a progress bar on screen? Personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting a minute for 1000 chests to open, I just dislike having to click a few hundred times to do it.


I’m not sure what you mean?

10 chars

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They limited event key purchases to 10 each week because they made them purchasable in bulk.

“There was an exploit with chaos portals so we had to remove Tribute from the game.”"


They’re not happening at the same time though so it doesn’t hit the server as hard. At any rate its more about not allowing someone to, say, open their entire amount of gold keys in the tens of thousands with one click and obliterate the server.

Like the argument that 1 big task is harder than 10 smaller tasks, even if in total, the small tasks do more.