Option to buy more than 10 chaos portal

Would be nice to get something like the normal store and buy as much portal as i want


I’ve been going through about 8k Chaos Shards per faction, so something less than 40 cycles of that animation would be lovely.


There should be 1 Portal, 10 Portals, 25 Portals. We need the one for 25 Portals. Problem solved.

QOL Issue
Why don’t all purchase/open have an additional slider (with confirm Yes/No button)?
e.g. Why do I have to use shards by 10 or open gold chests by the 200?

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True, but people could make a mistake. I prefer the 4th option. It’s safer.

Existing options + a slider (with confirm Yes/No)
You can only make a mistake if you have extra resources, select the slider, then say Yes. That seems pretty unlikely. And the benefit for those who need it would be great
I have no interest for example in opening 50,000 gold keys in lots of 200, then clicking skip, then clicking to exit the list, the repeating 249 more times! Seems like a recipe for RSI rather than satisfactory gameplay


We asked for this once and the only compromise we got was:

“We’ll add multi-purchase for some things but to keep the economy balanced you’re only allowed to buy 10 event keys per week with glory.”

So I guess I’m kind of nervous what happens next time we get sliders. The two things aren’t logically connected but somehow have to happen at the same time.

backs away from idea slowly so as not to startle devs into any action


Actually the reason we can’t have larger bulk key options is because they can make the game unstable or something. I mean, if you went and did 100k Gold Keys at once, for instance, that’s a lot to process.

Of course that doesn’t stop us getting an option greater than ten for Delve portals…


Indeed. It’s someting about server stress and stability of the game code.
Still, having the 4th option to open 25 Portals at once would not pose a problem.

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25 at a time? That’s not going to be much of a time saver lmao.

Make it 100. That’s 2000 shards each time. Only 3 or 4 clicks per faction.

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Yeah 100 is a good number, this is what i was thinking about

25, 50 or 100 would be fine for me. Don’t forget about the servers though.