(faction) portal UI suggestion

When I have (40 or more but) fewer than 200 chaos shards, the “open 10 portals” button is greyed out.

This is a waste of screen space. The button should change to opening the maximum number of portals enabled by however many shards I own, e.g. “open 8 portals” if I have 160 shards. It is simply inconvenient and a pure waste of time to require the player to open portals one by one just because he has fewer than 200. All the treasure chest UIs do this, so there is no reason the portal UI can’t.


Still waiting for “open 100 portals” zzz


I agree. Compare that when you have less than 10 Chest Keys (of any type) on hand the middle button is always set to your # of keys.

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I agree with this 100%, i can still see people getting mad bbecause they accidentally hit the 1000 key button when they didnt mean to and they should get all their keys back lol

I have a solution
Remove all the key buttons but ‘Get Help’
You have to open a support ticket
Then you have to write down the number of keys you wanna use in the following format:

“I’d like to use 123 (one hundred twenty three) gem chests (highest rarity available for non-donators). Signature image comes as an attachment to the request”

Then you won’t have any issues with accidental hits.

Just like with all Gem purchases, opening multiple (10) Chaos Portals prompts a confirmation dialog:


It’s standard for all Chest types too (even Gold Chests).