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QoL idea for events

This isn’t a huge issue. But I would love it if we could have more than one team slot for events. In world events and also ToD the various battles are sometimes quite different. It’s possible to to change troops battle to battle, but it’s clunky. It would be an improvement to have at least one alternate preset team slot for these events. Not a deal breaker, just a wish.


The question you have to ask yourself before put hope in this. “Is it generates revenue?”
If the answer is no, nothing will happen!

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Get more team slots by increasing your VIP level… :frowning:

In case it won’t be implemented at all, here are some “lifehacks”:

You can always sacrifice 2 regular team slots to keep your team there and once you want to switch them → copy and paste them.
But again, that’s also suboptimal as it requires switching between event and team screen multiple times…

I personaly use global channel for such task → i paste all teams I’m using on one of dead/almost dead global channels and just copy them when I want to switch.
As these channels are dead… my posts with teams usualy stay there for ~month or so…


I actually have done this. It’s clunky but better than rebuilding back and forth. Lately, however, my copy paste is buggy. I can copy and paste a team. If I try to do a different copy paste it just pastes the first team I originally copied. I end up having to close the game to copy a different team. I’ve only noticed it happening when I am using the copy code. Using the chat as you suggested might work more reliably. :thinking:

I don’t expect to see this QoL idea happen. Not so much because of monetization, but more because it’s not necessarily an easy thing to change and it’s not something many people are asking for. I just know that the best way to not get something is to never bother to ask for it. Haha

This is clever. Not what they’re used for, but clever!

This happens to me sometimes. The auto paste feature remembers the old team. Click into the box so you can manually modify the team code, and paste in there.

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I’ll try that, thanks!

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