Event Team Organization

I would like to entertain the possibility of maybe adding an event teams tab? This tab would be located in the troops menu where we could designate all teams loaded for events only such as: Pet battles, Bounty Events, Guild events etc.

This proposal would create additional team slots outside of what we currently have, so the events could pull from this list.


In the mean time just do what I’m going to do this week. (Since I’ll be using two teams for ToD)
Spam your guild chat with your team shares so that you can easily swap out the different teams.


Here’s my idea: give events multiple team slots. Inside of the normal interface where you edit teams for events, you just click the team name and then there’s multiple slots.

We really would only need 2 per event but more would be better, of course.

Looking more broad, I’d say that team management is far from ideal in the game. With so many different events and restrictions upon colors/kingdoms/troop types we need more convenient team management tools.

Just have all event teams use the team selector just dim ones that dont meet criteria …

I like this idea. Time for me to find an empty Global channel to spam.