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PvP specific team slot

There are classes that are counterproductive in PvP (like Slayer which makes Orbweaver defenses even more effective) and yet while many modes have their own distinct team slots, PvP does not.

Pets rescues have their own team slot. Raid boss has its own team. Delves have their own slots.

At least 10% of my losses come from team switching accidents because PvP, adventure board, GW, and explore all share a single team slot. So you could say it goes on my “permanent record”.

This game is not a primary activity. It’s the kind of game you can do while you go for a walk, or watch TV. Otherwise, I couldn’t afford to spend as much time playing. It would be nice to have one less thing to have to worry about. Please at least do a seperate slot for PvP, although a specific slot for explore would be good too.

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Every week I allow losses because of team switching mistakes. It would be really nice if pvp and explore had their own unique slots like the other game modes.

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I’m not sure how well that would work. I use several teams in parallel, both for PvP and Explore. If changing to a dedicated slot similar to events means I manually have to reconfigure the whole team each time I want to switch I’d rather not have that feature.


Same with you on both of these statements.

There are definitely teams that are better for different modes. If you’re using the same team for all modes then you’re probably missing out.

What usually gets me is auto mode in my brain combined with the PvP exclamation point that says “click on me” while I’m exploring.