PvP specific team slot

“I want the game to remember which team I last used for each mode(PvP, adventure board, dungeon, GW, explore) independently. All 5 modes will continue to pick teams from their list of team slots.

(Old confusing version deleted.)


Every week I allow losses because of team switching mistakes. It would be really nice if pvp and explore had their own unique slots like the other game modes.

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I’m not sure how well that would work. I use several teams in parallel, both for PvP and Explore. If changing to a dedicated slot similar to events means I manually have to reconfigure the whole team each time I want to switch I’d rather not have that feature.


Same with you on both of these statements.

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There are definitely teams that are better for different modes. If you’re using the same team for all modes then you’re probably missing out.

What usually gets me is auto mode in my brain combined with the PvP exclamation point that says “click on me” while I’m exploring.

If you’re using the same team for these different game modes, it’s only because you don’t know better teams. I continue to lose pvp matches because of switching game modes.

The lack of this feature has cost me thousands of losses over the years. Today being yet another.

If you use the same team for multiple modes you can select the same team. If you’re quickly switching between modes in auto pilot it’s wrote memory to click start and you can’t undo the opposite situation.

I think the issue is “I want to use different teams for one game mode” would become much more cumbersome if your idea was implemented.

In PvP especially, it’s pretty common. I might use a different team against L&D+Weaver than I would against full goblins for example. Some opponents I’ll use skull spam against, others I wouldn’t because it would backfire.
Similar in Explore - some kingdoms I always do at D12 (one team), some I don’t bother and stick with D4 (different team). And I might have different D12 teams depending on which kingdom I’m in.

If there was just one slot for PvP teams, to switch I would have to go to my teams, copy a team code, go to PvP, paste it in, play. And potentially do that every few battles. I would be very unhappy with that.


No, it’s not. I could explain it a bit more, but I don’t feel like I want to tell you about my motivations.
And ofc @mitamata nailed it with explanation :wink:

And whole issue with this topic is:

and because of that you:

No more game mode specific team slots please, I personally wold like to see all of them gone. Pet rescue is the worst. I have to set the same team 6 times, always forget to change classes. It is just painful. Same with delves, for example in purple delves I take a Vespera purple team and have to rebuild it for every delve. Bounty forgets my all-around bounty team.
If there would be a configuration option, if you turn on the game mode specific teams you would get team slots in game modes, and you would have less general team slots. If it is turned off, all game mode specific teams slots would be added to your general teams.
That way it could work.

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Yep. 100%

I dont like mode specific teams. I share teams too much. Just give me one list of teams. Get rid of the specific ones and allow more saved teams.

Ultimately I think @PGSundling 's issue can instead be fixed by saving selected traits in team slots. That way a class can be customized for one team, and that doesn’t mess up that class for another team.

I kinda like the pet rescue slots being a little island off to themselves: I set a different team for each one and then each pet rescue is a nice so-what-team-is-this-one surprise.

YES THIS. WANT THIS. Save the medal selection into the slot too.

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Given how you use teams, it sounds like you would support my suggestion. However, I might not have explained it well, so there may be a difference between what’s in my head vs. what you’re thinking. If you use different teams in different modes, I would expect you to want this feature. Especially, if you use multiple teams in each mode.

Currently, PVP, explore, GW, dungeon, and adventure board all share the same team slot. Since they all share a single slot, that means you also have to scroll farther to switch teams between the different modes.

Let’s say I have the following teams and use cases.
FastPho - fast team I use for adventure board and dungeon
PvP1 - normal PvP team
PvP2 - anti L&D team
PvP3 - anti goblin
Exp1 - D4 team
Exp2 - D12 team
Exp3 - special Drifting Sands team

Imagine now that PvP, Explore, adventure board, and dungeon each have their own slot. GW should probably have a separate slot, but that’s used much less and beyond the scope for this issue.

One time setup when implemented:
One time and one time only, I have have to scroll to my FastPho team and select it for the adventure board and dungeon slots. Done. I will never make another team selection mistake ever again because of these two modes.

PvP I’ll scroll down to make it PvP1. When I switch teams, I can organize the team slots close to each other for each mode to cut down on scrolling (example below).

Explore I’ll make it Exp2 since I mostly do D12.

Example of wanted game play:
I open PvP. It still has PvP1 selected. play PvP and scroll between the 3 teams I’m using. I never scroll more than 2 away.

I switch to explore for a campaign task. It has Exp2 selected (instead of the PvP team). I play with that team, or I never have to scroll more than 2 away.

I finish explore and notice the flashing icon for PvP, which draws me back to PvP. I’ve already got a PvP team, or at worst have to scroll 2 teams away.

Example of current game play:
I open PvP.

If I clicked enter too fast, I might have just lost the PvP match because it has an explore team, or adventure board/dungeon team that is not strong in PvP. It’s whatever team I was last using across the 5 different modes. I hate unnecessary losses.

If I didn’t click enter too fast, since a single slot is shared among 5 game modes, I likely have to scroll a bunch to get to the right team. Let’s say I’m using Exp2, I have to scroll up 4 slots to PvP1.

Switch to explore. If I click too fast, I’ll have a slow explore match with a PvP team. If I don’t click too fast, I have to scroll down 4 slots to Exp2.

Back to PvP. scroll up 4 again to PvP1.

Separate slots mean you could have a much larger set of teams for each game mode with less scrolling. Since the game modes are separate, for some game modes (adventure/dungeon) you’d never have to switch again until a team was obsolete. The more teams used in a game mode, the bigger improvement this is.

I’m sure the greater community cares not about my PvP win rate, but I hope they see the advantage of less scrolling.

Oh, see, this is not what you were originally suggesting. Or at least, I don’t think that’s what any of us interpreted it as. Your original post was suggesting “I want ONE dedicated team slot for PvP, like we have in events”. Because:

That reads as only one team slot. And in that case, if you wanted to change which team you were using for a game mode (eg. in PvP), you would have to edit that one team. Because you only have one team slot. You would not have the option to just select one of your other teams, just like in events - you can select a team, you’re stuck with one team. And that would be much worse than what we have now.

What you are describing now sounds more like “I want the game to remember which team I last used for each mode (eg. PvP)”. Does that sound accurate?

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When I said I wanted a separate slot, I meant the modes would independently select teams for their modes. That’s the disconnect.

“I want the game to remember which team I last used for each mode(PvP, adventure board, dungeon, GW, explore) and allow me to select teams from my main team list independently for each mode.”

I think that’s really what I’m saying. Let’s nail down the best way of saying it and I’ll update the top of the thread.

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I would not go for each mode having independent slots even if each had multiple. I share teams across modes.

But, remembering what was last used in a specific mode? Sure.

Personally, I dont switch modes so much its that big an issue. I organize my teams so my main pvp teams are together, and thats really the only time i want to fast switch.

So, as long as youre not arguing for team slots not being shared across various game modes, then sure.

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I think the term “team slot” is what’s causing the confusion. Within the game, a team slot is a team you can select. So saying a slot is what was confusing people. Is this clearer. I see in VIP it does call these “team slots.”

“I want the game to remember which team I last used for each mode(PvP, adventure board, dungeon, GW, explore) independently. All 5 modes will continue to pick teams from their list of team slots.”

With the better explanation are you still opposed?

And I don’t want such “feature” because I’m using different teams in each mode → different teams for different kingdoms while exploring d12. Different teams in pvp depending what my opponent uses as defense. Having game remember which team was used last time (team being remembered as “last team slot” that was used) won’t help me at all and might bring confusion as I tend to experiment with team builds and reshuffle my teams from time to time (changing team order included).

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The game remembers which team you used last time already. It’s just a matter of whether it remembers the last team you used across all 5 modes vs the mode your playing now. At least if it remembered the last team I played for the current mode, it’d be more likely to be the one you want, after the first time you play each mode.

I think people would like it after the fact, but i guess I can’t build a concensus for even a simple UI change.

I wouldn’t count on a consensus here. But you can still make the suggestions and let the devs decide :slight_smile:

Frankly, I think this would just confuse people. I fear people would not realize what the pattern is and just think the game is randomly changing teams on them. Or they would experience a similar thing you’re experiencing now - they’d be doing explore with team A, then move on to PvP, start a battle but oops, they’d forgeten that the last time they played PvP they were testing a team that didn’t work and now they’ll lose a fight because they forgot to switch to team A before going into it.

My preference would be to keep it as is. I’m more likely to remember which team I used in previous battle than which team I used the last time I was doing PvP for example.

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