PvP matchmaking bug

I know that this topic will not be a shocker, but it is very very VERY annoying to have the same PvP players over and over again. It is not much of a deal to tweak the code to present more competitors in the raked battles - this is not Gwent where you’re competing with the player in real time, having the same player appear in the list 4 or 5 times per 10 battles is dull.

Could you show some amount of care to your users at least with fixing this once and for all?


The problem is you can’t find any players that haven’t played pvp recently. Devs really need to open this up to allow you to find all players, not just the ones playing pvp same time as you. At least widen the time parameters on when someone last played.

Once again I find myself giving feedback I know will never be acted on. :man_facepalming: