PvP Level Match Observation

I recently switch back to Hard from Warlord I. This was largely because I kept repeatedly getting matched with high lvl players who had the global kingdom bonuses (often doubled) and when Warlord I magnified those stats things just got silly. My little 4 lvl 10 kingdoms just don’t provide enough bonuses to compete.

What is interesting is once I switched back to hard, the number of high level players I got matched with tanked as well. Recently in my quest to rank 1 I have been skipping anyone who is over about 50 levels higher than me. In the final 5 ranks I tend to skip anyone who is over about 20 levels higher than me. Since 107 this has usually been a skip once every couple battles above rank 10, and between 2 and 7 skips per battle after rank 5. This run after changing difficulty I skipped a grand total of around 5 times (not per battle, total). I simply wasn’t seeing the higher ranked people. Hardly a statistical sample, but a very pronounced difference that doesn’t really seem to imply luck.

Does the difficulty we set the game to affect the matchmaker? Kind of a shame if it does. If I set it to hard, the battles are super easy as I get matched against peeps my level more often than not. If I set it to Warlord I I get more high level peeps AND their stats get magnified making the fights grueling if not impossible. Then I just end up skipping endlessly trying to get a relatively equal match.


I’ve not used Warlord I or up for PvP, but I have noticed that over the past few days I’ve been getting people much closer to my level rather than the all-too-often 2x my level or up players I was getting, and I’m on Hard as well.

Thanks! Maybe there was an internal tweak they were able to implement. Some time when I have some time to pay attention (why are holidays so busy!) I will poke around at the difficulties again.


I will say, though, that I’ve seen fairly significant variation in difficulty among the opponents I’ve had, ranging from those with no obvious bonuses and no one leveled over 15 to those who obviously have several level 10 kingdoms and level 19 legendaries. I don’t know if that matches your experience or not, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

I have noticed the same, and it is getting harder to differentiate those people based on level. There is some level 150 person with full traits and what appear to be fully ascended troops with a ton of global kingdom bonuses. When clicking along that can certainly be a surprise to open. :smiley: