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Is this a joke?

Ok, i started a PvP match and got following opponents:


Can someone explain these ridiculous stats please? xD


I’ve only run into this type of blatant cheating a couple of times. I should’ve reported the gits.

Casual pvp on Warlord IV.


Casual PvP on the hardest difficulty?


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Lol. It was not casual, but it was highest difficulty yeah.

It’s clearly cheating.

Hmm… It’s been awhile, so maybe Casual PvP on the highest difficulty would account for this.

difficulty can only be chosen in casual…


That’s not cheating. Those are the kind of stats you get when you play on Warlord IV. Decrease the difficulty and the stats will go down.


Since when is ranked pvp scaled to difficulty rating? It never was?

EDIT: And still isn’t (screenshot shows a normal battle with same power rating but uncheated):


That is a bug.

I’ve seen a couple mentions here on forums, that, by a certain mistake, people could choose the difficulty rating even in Guild Wars. And if they skipped it, they ended up playing against scaled up Warlord Opponents.

That is a bug. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating, or intended. Can you check the same player - if you happen to have him on your list again? Just to be sure ?


IDK that it’s cheating, but those are definitely not normal stats for Warlord IV.

I always play Warlord IV (except in Arena) and almost always play the 3 trophy match in PVP.

With one exception* I’ve never faced an opponent with those kind of numbers. Never, in thousands of PVP matches.

*-- The ‘one exception’ is interesting. It happened just a couple of weeks ago, right after the 3.1 update-from-hell was released. I was playing PVP and I faced not just one team with stats like the OP’s opponents, but six or seven in a row.

Needless to say I was alarmed. “Is this what playing post-update is gonna be like?” etc…

But then the streaky RNG, or whatever it was, ended as suddenly as it had begun and I was back to the familiar number range on opponent skills.

I have no idea what that was about, but whatever it was I guess it’s still happening! :exploding_head:

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Please send us a support ticket so we can look into this further.


Sorry. My mistake.

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