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(No) Cheaters in PVP (difficulty slider affects casual PVP)

Hi folks,

Recently (3 out of my last 4 matches vs Stryx opponents) have been terrible with the opponents cheating. In my current match their weakest guy has 114 armor, 152 life, 138 attack. The rest are even stronger.

I’ve blocked the previous people who were cheating but they just keep popping up. Is there any way to easily avoid them or report them?

Thank you!


This isn’t cheating, this is you doing a casual battle on high difficulty (difficulty scaling applies to casual PVP, just set it to normal).


Just want to let you know you are not playing with real people

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oooooooo very interesting so my warlord difficulty setting influences casual PVP - thanks for the heads up!

Well yeah, not in real time. I’m playing the AI but they are player designed decks.

Yup, I forget to set it down to normal every single time when I do casual PVP… Casual PVP uses the defense troops people set up (so with all their bonuses and stuff, unlike the weak explore troops) and when the Warlord difficulty gets on top of it, the stats get absolutely crazy-high into unbeatable levels.
Which is why I do event stuff generally in explore if possible because I just get more souls and exp for far less work.

Ok i just wanted to make sure you were aware :slight_smile: also if you block them it only affect the communication, they won’t be able to interact with you but you still going to fight them


Nothing against the OP here, but given how there seems to be a new post every week or other week about this. It could be a bug, but almost always is they forgot about the difficulty slider. It also seems a bit much to jump the gun and call cheating when it was literally quick trigger in the sense of ignoring the difficulty selection. I guess in the end though no harm, no fowl.


Question answered, can we make topic vanish?

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I just edited the title. Thread can be left here for the next time someone comes in complaining about how all the AI’s troops have 3x the stats they ought to.


That’s an awesome thread rename lol

Thanks for all the answers. It seem pretty silly that there is no narrative or any indication in game that a PVE difficulty setting would affect a PVP battle.

There’s sort of an indication. It’s the kind of thing that people love to claim “only stupid people miss” but smarter people know how you can miss obvious things when you are moving fast.

The Casual PvP’s Team Selection screen has the difficulty selector on it. Ranked PvP’s screen does not. Usually I only look at my team and sometimes scout the other team, but more commonly I’m reflexively jamming my finger on the button to start the match.

So just about every time I go to casual PvP, I have to quit my first battle because I realize too late that I forgot to switch the difficulty back to Normal. One time I went 4 or 5 battles before I started asking, “Jeez, why am I losing so badly?” It’d be even more annoying if there were an extra screen to confirm, so it’s one of those things you have to learn the hard way and hope you remember.


Ooooo very helpful. Thank you very much. You’re right, I didn’t see the scaler until I slowed down and walked through the process. I kept looking for it at the 3x challenge screen. Appreciate the advice!

I’ve also been guilty of almost filing a bug report that I wasn’t getting PvP rank before remembering I was in Casual PvP.

This is one thing I’m not sure how to make “so visually distinct you can’t screw it up”.

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