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PVP in PSN rank prizes

I was wondering about the prizes in pvp. I guess I was hoping that when I made a high rank i would get all the check marked prizes but I only acquired my position. I was rank 25. Gem of wars is a fantastic game don’t get me wrong but the prize was small beans compared to the time I felt I put in throughout the week.

There’s supposed to be traitstone rewards for reaching the stratospheric tiers of the leaderboard. Are they not working for you guys, PSN or otherwise?

top 3 should get the current mythic. That would be better than 9-11 stones^^

Only the top 70,000 players should be awarded 4 mythic of their choosing. Otherwise rank means nothing. Top 70,000, we are the elite.

You deserve a mythic for somehow holding off truxton. Machines

Top 3 revived a lot more than 9-11 Traitstones. 1,000 battles: say 2500000 gold. Ten of thousands of Souls (if used Valkyrie). +1,000 trait stones.

And a Job well done.

I got them fortunally. Opened 12 glory keys after the rank 1 rewards and got the second mythic :smiley:

Ha must feel nice

Yes but the amount of traitstones you need isnt worth it…

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I didn’t even reach the top 1000s, but also want the horsemen. Mythics for everyone seems fine :wink:

@ nico
Did you get something special for rank 1? High five from the devs would be nice :slight_smile:

I was hoping the same. Can’t count the number of hours i spent to hold the 10th position, only to get 4 arcanes lol. Ad you can’t even view the old leaderboard. Never again.

Free Mythic troops are over the top as rewards IMO. But a bunch of “Event Keys” for the weekly PvP event leaders sounds about right.

had a free week and nothing to do. Normal Maw team

That’s amazing to hold that spot. What were your points? Roughly 25k? I wonder if I battled your defensive team ? I made a point of battling some of the higher ranked guilds just to see how I would do.

Maw, IK, Mercy, Sheggra?

Easily the quickest. Mab and Khorvash teams feel too safe and sluggish in comparison

I’ve been using EK, and Mab to mix it up, defiantly sluggish compared to True Damage or a Maw team

Sticking with Mercy? I threw in Bat and it helped somewhat. Really need souls but its just too laborious. Hopefully I can use a War team soon for a while

I was asking, not telling. Just curious as he managed to do around 1k battles last week.

yes it was quit boring^^