PVP in 1.0.9: More grinding than ever before?

That is one of them:
Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat

There are faster ones that I use to win, but that is the quickest soul farm I know. A fully traited hero necromancer in a team would probably be a faster soul farmer.

It’s jinx that truly turns a battle into a slog.

Fought the 4 Celestasias … apparently I took 13mins to get rid of them. They have a strange tendency to target the same individual troop with their ability, so the last one I got rid of had over 100 life left after I killed the others - and I was running a Bat/Crescendo team.

The problem may be that you are running a Bat/Crescendo team vs HP gain and barrier. That, or your other 2 troops are wrong. I normally run it as:
That way gorgotha removes shield.

Two Gorgothas instead of two Bats. Still… I mean, it wasn’t hard, it was just very tedious.

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Celestasias 3rd trait is just extremely powerful.
It is quite closely comparable to something like Behemoths 3rd trait and absolutely dwarfs it considering that behemoths is worth 3 life per 4+match, while Celestasias trait on average is worth close to the value of a spells nuke or aoe most of the time (yes you can play around it, but even then it is still stronger than Immense).
I wished the devs would have cared a bit more for equally powerful legendary traits.

The 8 dmg skeleton is driving me insane. The nerf hit him too hard.

Do you all have 90% of the troops at max level and fully traited or something?
I’m having the hardest time getting past rank 4 now thanks to tripled stats (or close enough). I’m not even going to touch goblins that deal 20damage in a strike while my units have 38 total hp.

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Lower levels may want to go back to the old build of:

4x Rock worm is also still a thing… :stuck_out_tongue:
3x Rock worm + Terraxis would be even stronger if any lower players have him.

4x rock worm?
12 damage from spell, 11 damage from attack and 27hp total… SQUISH!
Yes I know that they are supposed to chain, but that doesn’t happen all that often.

Think its the come back for 4xWebspinner defense
“Lethal Toxin” :sweat:

Ouch, haven’t even seen that trait yet as i don’t have Webspinner, that’s a lot of hurt…

Well I have Gorgontha and Webspinner fully traited. Once I unlock the Daemon perk on the Sorcerer I think I could make an all Daemon team viable. Would use Burning Scythe and maybe put Abho in the last spot.

I’m guessing that Gob Chomper is a random drop? And if so, can be hard to obtain. It hasn’t dropped for me, yet (though crimson bat has…)

So the goblins are easy to get, the counters not so much.

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I see the newest Update with mixed Feelings…
I made this Week over 500 Trophies so far.
But I must say… It was a lot of work!
It was more work than fun.
Here are my Impressions in Pro and Contra.


  • Hero Buff
  • 2 new Kindoms
  • Arena Changes
  • Treasure Hunt Changes


  • AI operates a bit to unfair now (subjective)
  • The Troops have obviously to much Life + Buff (Big Problem for new Players)
  • Matches takes longer (In my Opinion to long)
  • The notorious Goblin Teams come back in huge Amount!
  • And one of the biggest Disadvantages… Still no Option to change Major Stones!!
    I am pretty sure a lot of people have more than enough of them at the moment.
    This requires finally a Change.

Best Greets!

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I agree to the pros but as far as the cons not so much.
-AI is unfair (subjective) agreed
-Troops have too much stats. agreed. I never played on w4 and now i can’t unless it is pvp.
-matches taking too long (in your opinion) i think you are right on this
-goblins coming back in a big way. I don’t think they left, Then again i hardly see them and i hardly saw trueshot teams as well.
-option to craft stones and uncraft stones. Definitely need this.

since this mondays great and motivating patch:

what I did:

  • 297 won hero matches
  • 250 pvp wins (skipped maybe 10 battles by scouting)
  • 16 pvp losses (14 against goblins, 2 against double Crimson Bat)
  • 40 treasure maps
  • 5 classes leveled to 20 and 5 of them have 50-100 matches.
  • 3 full arena runs with 8 wins

I saved up all ressources except souls until now:

  • 276k gold
  • 1825 glory
  • 289 gems
  • 105 glorykeys + 267 goldkeys
  • earned and spend around 25k-30k souls for leveling the heroes and the great maw

Conclusion of my experiences and how I feel about it:

  • I never used ANY Arcane Mountain traitstones and have just 5/10 for the Maws 2nd trait! 5 drops since EVER and you see the ammount I play! There must be a way to target specific stones or at least favour them! Hoping for a weekly deal for one kind of arcane stones is just bad. Btw: Beiing VIP7 doesnt help here in any way.
    → let us trade stones or buy them with ingame currency targetable

  • When the AI spawns gems to 50% there is a 5 piece L-form for crit managain and turn. When I do it the chance is maybe 20%. And 70% that the enemy gets the turn and a 4L setup…
    When I play from my home pc about 1-2 hours daily the enemy gets of infuriating amounds of chain reactions! Never had a game ragequit me that often in one week!
    When I play everyday on my phone on the way to and from work and in the break about 1,5 hours daily this doesnt happen!
    → Different programmed AI cheating on the PC version? Sometimes I sit at my PC and play a match on my phone to relax…

  • Goblins: Nerf them! In the past they did cheap, weak skills with a turn bonus. Other troops did double the damage but more expensive. That was balanced. But getting now 19 spelldmg or 22 splitdmg and a turn for 9-11 mana is just unbalanced! Especially with 25atk, dodge fronttroop with 70def! Giving goblins +4 attack and boar riders 19 dmg, turnover and modifing the board? Beeing able to kill the frontline Tank Coronet with stoneskin, legendary and fully traited in one turn of goblin shaman - boar rider - hobgolbin - goblin is just stupid!
    → Give troops a 4 teambonus of their shared Kingdom OR their Class. Zenjin OR Marauder. 4 Humans or 4 Burning Sands or 4 Undead is okay and reduces the OPness of Goblins. Broken Spire Giants (and hero) have also good stats atm but much weaker synergy.
    Make the Bonus selectable in the “Your Teambonuses” (btw: Teamboni) like the hero heroperks is my wish.
    Maybe let different boni stack up to a 4 bonus. Like 2+2=4 ^^

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Traitstones are allocated by Kingdom. If you search the forum for “guide to Traitstones” then you’ll find a list of where to go to find the one you want. It feels random in PvP but it’s actually based on the Kingdom of the defender.

You read my post and assume that i dont know that? 100s of € and 300 matches per week… Thanks for trying to help but… no…
Btw: actually my Home Kingdom is Blue Yellow because I need blue Runic even more than any arcanes… And i already bought two 10 of each Runic sets.

This week I got 2 Blade Arcanes in 50 pvp defends and 300 matches. Thanks…

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