PVP in 1.0.9: More grinding than ever before?

So, to start off, let me just say that I haven’t had time to play more than a dozen or so PVP games since the patch hit, but what I did notice so far is that all matches seem to take much longer than before the patch hit…

Now I completely agree that the true shot / agile / skull spam situation of 1.0.8 had to be fixed / adapted, but I wasn’t expecting 2 minute PVP matches to turn into 6-10 minute PVP matches. This makes PVP a real case of just grinding, which, IMHO, is not a fun game experience.

Also with the revovery of stats and the ever increasing presence of healing troops and summoning upon death prolonging matches is prolonging matches beyond what I (personally) enjoy.

Anyone else experiencing the patch similar to what I’m seeing?


I’m experiencing the opposite. My Valkyrie team actually wins quicker than it did in 1.0.8 as well as a few various specific specialized builds. My quick team is slower, but that is mostly because true shot is not broken anymore.

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I went transform/spell heavy before the patch and while my games used to be a little bit longer than the skulldragon meta in 1.08. now my games aren’t actually any longer at all, as spells have been buffed across the board.
Aside from the occasional super turtle setups it takes me slightly less or the same time for a game than it used to.
For example Ascended Goblins are quite fast now too, Boar is an efficiency monster now, Hobgob gets huge attackvalues, they can dispatch enemy teams quite fast.
Gladly some of my favourite troops are really strong now too, Knight Coronet deals huge damage now, Banshees nuke is real and troops like gorgon do real damage now too.
If you experience significantly longer games you are probably still heavily relying on skull damage in a meta that is used to defend against skull damage (i am looking at you Gorgotha!).

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Goblins are still ridiculously good for their rarity, They just synergize together fantastically. They’re still beatable (quite easily in fact) but to me they are still too good for their rarity. I thought one of the focusses of this patch was to make the base rarity of a troop meaningfull again? Which worked just fine for troops like Glade Warden and Centaur Scout, which are now as useless again as they were before the 1.0.8 patch, but Goblins seem to have escaped this…

I’m not. I’m actually not using skull spawners at all. I do like the improved Banshee though. His/her spell now really hits hard.

Maybe it’s just me getting used to the changes in PVP with the new patch and having to find a good, quick team again (at which I have so far been unsuccessful :frowning: )…

Goblins still have a fundamental problem that has yet to be addressed, and this patch has made it even worse.

This being that they are balanced around being level 10.

They originally sacrificed a couple points of damage for an extra turn, and had costs similar to (or better than) other damage-dealing troops. Now, they hit about 95% as hard, but have an extra turn. Considering that this extra turn can be used to fully recharge a lot of them …

They need to be nerfed. Done.


It simply amazes me !!!
A unit or part of this game works well (OR A LIL 2 WELL ) then it’s. …
Oh this has to be NERFED …
Pffffffffffffffffffffffff !!!
The DeV team going to be 24/7 NERFin stuff.
There’s not a combination in this game that cant be countered.
Goblins are easy to kill. :stuck_out_tongue:
As for skull spamming units… thats what there supposed to do.
Stone skin a lil OP, but so what … makes it a challenge.
NERFimg is not the way to go…
Making an effective couner is better.
Gob Chomper. … very efective coumter for Goblins. One unit countered the problem.

I have 2 very fat Gob Chompers that love the new meta.


If I can remember theres also weapons agaisnt maruaders, aswell traits…

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Yeah just checked… Theres like four troops with the trait of double damage to marauder, also, Dark Song does about 40 damage to green users and Goblin Crusher can do up to 55 damage to any marauder…

And, The Silent One, the new Frozen mechanic and the Gob Chomper says hi… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t trying to revive the anti-goblin campaign. I actually have no issues beating Goblins as I have also said previously in this topic…

I was just wondering if I was the only one who felt like PVP battles felt like a terribly prolonged grind with the current patch, and apparently I am… :slight_smile:

Just like 30 or 45 seconds longer for me, the patch is young, I haven’t find the next faceroll comp yet! :smiley:

True Shot-Bone Dragon

I am actually pleased to get goblins these days, because they are a faster kill for me than those armoured guys with 50% skull damage.
I had to fight a gorgotha with 75% reduced skull damage today… yeah that was abysmal.

So go to spell damage, which isn’t affected… and is clearly the whole idea of the update to bring spells back into it and the Magic stat relevant to all troops, not just Bone Dragon…

Disagree with the opening post completely - I’m finding battles same length as before AND I can play any number of viable teams again, not just a skull spamming one…

Absolutely agree with all of this.

Er, very clearly her spell!

I’ve played like 300 battles (at least half PVP) since 109 hit, and have yet to see any troop use the Frozen effect… and certainly haven’t felt the need for it… Might try it one day, if it’s revised to have a noticeable and non-trivial effect…


Your gonna love the team that uses 3 of em lol

Yeah I saw it and skipped it.
And @Jainus, yes, I finally gave in and made a goblin team for the spell damage.

Met that too, fortunately with my experimental team having the twister guy. Go Gorgotha got sent to the rear and eventually dispatched.

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With the Bone Dragon on the first slot, it gets quite useful, more against Goblins, but also prevents cascades giving out extra turns which could save some frustration to our fellow adventurers.

The nice thing about Bone Dragon, is that you can easily trick the AI into attacking it.

With some survival spells and status effects, especially Death Mark and Burning. This could be a very good comp…

Thinking on:

Bone Dragon
Giant Spider
Necromancer-Burning Scyte.

(Or whatever the name of the new weapon with Burning and Disease is.)

Perhabs it’s not a cheap comp, and not a 30 second comp, but it would probably be very safe & fun, and you could easily win with it. :v:

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Try freeze on the first troop of the next skull spawning team you see. Every skull spawn hands you their full board. Unfortunately, the only 2 viable freeze troops are Lady Saphira in first slot and fully traited (which is weak) or Ice Witch.

I fought a team yesterday (in my only PvP fight that day) that had the Frost Giant(?) - the one that deals damage + Skulls. Froze my second troop but it only lasted a turn before it wore off :slight_smile:

Is that your bat team?