PvP / Guild Wars Imbalance due to unavailable weapons

I’m sure that this has been posted before but I’m returning to the game after being away for a few months and PvP and Guild Wars is next to impossible at the top tiers without resources that are impossible to come by. The best defenses and method to overcome these defenses are based around weapons that a returning or new player has no access to.

Rope dart, Flammier, Jar of Eyes, Guardian Crown, various doom weaps etc are unattainable and are the staples of PvP/Guild Wars. Mythics can be crafted and are available through various means but these weapons are not. I’ve been told that they were more or less one and done and haven’t shown up again.

The weapons need to be rotated in the soulforge just like the mythics are in order for there to even be any sort of balance. Otherwise there is little point to players investing time in this game when there is no way to overcome this HUGE permanent disadvantage as it exists now.

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Jar of Eyes is from All-Seeing Eye faction and Guardian Crown is from Hall of Guardains. Those two you can get when it’s their faction event on Tuesday, so they are rotating. Since there are currently 9 factions, it’s a 9 week rotation. They are available in event shop for gems and in Soulforge for diamonds.
Still no solution in sight for other event weapons tho…

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The devs are “aware of” and “talking about” the solution. Apparently they believe everything that’s been brainstormed about this problem over the last 2 years is too much in danger of dramatically breaking the game’s delicate balance so they haven’t been able to settle on a good solution.

At this point I feel like it’s either in the next update or they’re never doing it at all. They’re not exactly known for their restraint when it comes to game balance issues, so a year+ of “we’re being careful about this” starts to smell like “we don’t want to tell you no but no”.

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I hadn’t realized just how insurmountable this was until returning to tier one guild wars. Rope dart is so obscenely unbalanced that not having it just puts you at a huge disadvantage and yesterday I played one on wrath team and 4 flammifer teams and the answer around the flammifer teams was use your rope dart. Ugh.

This is fine if everyone has access but when there is no way to overcome this it makes playing the game futile.