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Please bring Rope Dart back!

Rope Dart is probably the most powerful weapon in the game, or at least one of the top couple. It was last in the Soulforge in Dec and according to Taransworld, it won’t be back until at least March next year because Pridelands is not coming up. This is a crazy long gap to go between being able to get the top weapon in the game. Fair enough the devs don’t want to do anything with Pridelands, but why not find some other way those of us who started after Dec can get hold of it? How about putting it into a flash offer for all (not the random weekly one, which can takes years to cycle around)? Or put it along with Dawnbringer into the Soulforge for 1m souls? Or make it the weekly weapon you can purchase in the shop? It’s hard to catch up with older players in most aspects of the game but just about doable, but this one is basically impossible.


So much this. I started the game shortly after the last time Rope Dart was in the SoulForge. I have no issues waiting for the kingdom to come up in the rotation…But when Pridelands is skipped over multiple times, while others show up more than once, it feels awful. Every Monday is a prayer for it to be in the flash offer. Every Monday is another week of disappointment.

If kingdoms aren’t going to come up on a set rotation…can there are least be some attention paid to make sure a kingdom isn’t skipped for over a year???

This is beyond frustrating as a player - again, waiting isn’t an issue, waiting for longer than we should is.


For context, it took me 7 months to earn Zuul. At this rate I expect to have earned Enraged Kurandara as well before Rope Dart.

I’m not trying to se off a dev bashing session btw - I think offering Rope Dart would be a win for them too as many would be happy to use in game or cash resources to get it.


Fully agreed that a year and three months is much too long to have to wait for the opportunity to obtain a weapon. The system should have better failsafes, given that schedules are always subject to change and evenly-distributed Kingdom rotations aren’t guaranteed.

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Welcome to the players who have waited much longer for doomed blade(Drak-Zum weapon). The cycle isn’t exactly 34 weeks of course, but it’s give or a take 34 weeks for most things to come around. For example earths fury is in the forge this week and its a very strong weapon.

Unfortunately this is the way of the game but many of our network players have gotten OP weapons from flash deals so it’s possible. I know this isn’t great to hear but im glad not everyone has access to all weapons or troops. Means you can’t pay your way to end game.

Pridelands will come around, in the meantime save your resources for doomed converters and other great weapons like tricksters shot.

For some context here…Doomed Blade was last in Soulforge on September 16, 2019. It is scheduled to be in the Soulforge again on November 9, 2020, a wait of 420 days. Rope Dart was last in Soulforge on December 9, 2019, and does not show up anywhere in the spoilers through February 22, 2021, a duration of 441 days (and counting). A 34 week cycle is 238 days, we’re looking at almost 2 full cycles and no weapons.

Yes, this is the way of the game…the point here is that it shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have had to wait over a year for Doomed Blade to reappear in the Soulforge. We shouldn’t be waiting over a year (and counting) for Rope Dart. Zhul’Kari will have appeared in the rotation three times before Pridelands even appears once (February 17, July 6 & December 21, 2020). Blighted Lands will appear three times (March 30, September 7 & December 14, 2020). Most others have been in the rotation twice.

Pridelands, for whatever reason, has gotten skipped over more than once. Dhrak-Zum was obviously skipped once. Blackhawk it appears has also gotten skipped. If kingdoms aren’t going to appear in the rotation, there needs to be another way to get some of these weapons.


I agree to some degree here. I’m sure the rotation skip has a lot to do with various factors like factions, classes(before they all got in the game) and world events/weekly event schedule. If someone has the exact reasoning for the skips I’d like to know why, since I don’t have that answer

All I know is we are all in the same boat for the most part and have to wait equally for those weapons. The other thing is they aren’t so OP that you can’t progress without one of them. Sure rope dart is great on defense and in some offense metas, but its become less used in GW since doomed converters became the go to weapon there.

Yes, the point is valid that it should be a consistent 34 week cycle and at some point I hope it does, but thats the only solution, not a specific weapon going into the forge. Cause at that rate you could select 5-10 weapons worthy of that and who is going to choose which ones go in and which ones don’t. See the issue there? Be like saying life and death is so OP it should be forgeable weekly so everyone can have an annoying defense meta to go up against. Personally, the long cycles keep everyone from having everything unless you have patience, and I’m perfectly ok with that. Maybe I’m on an island by myself there and thats ok too.

Funny you should mention doomed blade. I missed that the last time and have been waiting forever and a half for it. It’s finally up for November I think. Once I get that it will open up a few teams I have been meaning to build.

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I agree with you, there’s a lot of factors at play. And for the most part, things are fine without Rope Dart. There are events (Guild Wars comes to mind), where it’s very frustrating not having that weapon…but there are other teams out there.

Rope Dart is a specific one to mention, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others getting skipped. If, perhaps, every week the soulforge had the kingdom of the week…and then one additional kingdom featured for weapons, that would both cut down on the time between decent weapons appearing, as well as give devs a chance to feature kingdoms that aren’t on the rotation for extended periods.

I don’t mind the long cycle…as long as there is a cycle. But when the cycle is broken, only a handful get punished. Doomed Blade, Rope Dart - these are specific examples based on our experiences. It doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened before, and won’t happen again with other weapons.

Factions are on a rotation. So if you missed Life and Death last time the faction came around…it will be available the next time it comes up in the rotation. Mythics are on a rotation (of a sorts) in the Soulforge. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect every kingdom/weapon to show up in the rotation once per year.

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I’d love some kind of change that would mean all weapons come up every six months or so irrespective of which kingdoms the devs want to feature each week. Class and faction weapons aren’t really an issue but the legendaries and dooms can have a crazy long wait. A lot of weapons are dross, but some like Rope Dart, Tricksters Shot, Hope’s Crescent, doomskull weapons, are super useful and it would be really great for them to be offered more frequently.

Without wanting to get off topic, I hope you are not disappointed by Doomed Blade when you get it. Personally I have it and can’t remember the last time I used it or saw someone else put it in a team. Just doesn’t seem to have the utility of glaive, club, crossbow or axe.


I like blade and use it despite its backfire potential. I get that ppl want the doom weapons they’ve missed but there are 2 issues to take into account. Firstly, the 900 diamond price tag which seems excessively high and secondly, the lack of scroll accessibility since doom event frequency has been decimated. New ways to access scrolls have been promised but as yet, this latest update doesn’t offer provision of this resource. Oh and if you’ve got scrolls stashed away like me from previous dooms, remember to upgrade wisely. The ‘watery’ affix on blade for example can be self defeating. Avoid buying this affix even if you like the ones above it.


This was a surprisingly helpful and reasonable comment, imo :sweat_smile:.