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Please include Pridelands in next campaign

The last Pridelands week has been in December 2019 and Pridelands is not in the upcoming schedule until March 2021. This also means no Rope Dart for 15 month, a weapon that is absolutely essential in GW.

In the same time Blighted Lands or Grosh-Nak has been in the schedule three times, and all doomskull weapons have been in the forge, every single myth was in the forge multiple times now. Heck, I’ve even completed my Zuul already, but I still had no single chance to get my hands on RD.

Yeah, I’m missing a lot of weapons, but this is one of those weapons that are mandatory in GW. I remember the uproar because some players could get minimal stat advantages for 2 weeks due the plus pass. This is laughable compared to at least 15 months (!!!) without RD.


Or you know, a Christmas special and have it in soul forge out of normal rotation.
Many burnt bridges would be repaired with this move :smile_cat:

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As much as I agree with pridelands taking forever to come back I have two points. First, rope dart is not required for GW. You are better off with doomed axe or doomed blade(maybe even a jar of eyes team hint hint) on blue day. Second, tarans already has kingdom releases up through Feb and its not listed. I can’t imagine them switching any of that around lol. But its a nice thought.

It might not be required, but it’s certainly one of the best tools in one’s arsenal on both blue and yellow day…


I can totally understand that you feel Rope Dart is required for GW. But good luck with the devs changing things now until the said March 2021.

i waited for that doomed blade to be available in soulforge for over a year :joy_cat:

This x1000. Please bring Pridelands back. By March, Ursakaya will have been around 4 times since the last time Pridelands was around. No, Rope Dart isn’t essential. But it is one of the best weapons in the game and currently impossible to get except a flash deal (which could take 3-4 years to show up)

Rope Dart is considerably easier to upgrade than doomed weapons. I’ve only been playing since April, so I’ve never had a chance to acquire Rooe Dart. I have crafted a number of doomed weapons in forge, including Doomed Axe, but I’ve yet to encounter a yellow Doom event. my axe will be at +0 for a while…

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Axe doesn’t have to be leveled up. It helps, but its not a req for success. The teams around axe are designed for board control. The same goes for all doomed converters. GW is about maintaining your turn. Sticking axe with two empowered converters and a heavy hitter or even another double skull converter like wrath, ish, or qilin is strong as it is.

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I understand what you’re saying, since that’s essentially what I have been doing :slight_smile: But at the same time, having Rope Dart in mid level brackets for GW can be just as effective. Also, when facing a lot of doomed book defenses, not having the mana drain bonus from +10 can very well lead to your demise. Not guaranteed of course, but it has happened. But we are straying from the point. There’s no reason why Rope Dart shouldn’t have been made accessible again in a year’s time, especially when certain kingdoms have appeared multiple times in the same time span


All weapons should be available all the time in the forge!
There are only maybe 10-15 usable weapons in the game, others just pure junk.

There are a bunch of weapons that create loads of colored gems based on troop types of the team troops and/or kingdoms of these troops. They are certainly useful in events. I acknowledge that there are many weapons that aren’t really useful but you gotta see that most such ones are the lesser rarity weapons.

Just now:

Just my Guild’s contribution from an up-and-comer who’s (to my understanding) never visited the forums.

I really don’t understand their schedule system, neither with the Kingdoms (maybe partially to repeat kingdoms who are more in need of new troops) nor with the Tower of Doom.

It’s really frustrating.

I don’t think they have a schedule. The “story” writer makes a campaign story and that alignes the kingdoms.

I don’t think that’s the case, as that would make the plot make more sense. lol
At the moment, it look more like they’re trying to make the plot fit with the kingdom’s rotation plan, and not always successful.

There are only 4 kingdoms left that are never part of the Campaign, so I’m quite sure Prideland will be featured soon.

Also, there are already a hint that next Campaign will be focus on one of the 4 kingdoms : Leonis Empire


Good news: I can say with 95% certainty that pridelands will be in the following campaign.

Bad news: that campaign doesn’t start till March and pridelands could be one of the later kingdoms in that campaign.

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Good news! We have a date for Rope Dart.

Bad news! We have to wait until 3rd of May. (Date in spoiler)

Kingdoms for campaign 4 are now in the game files. I expect that we’ll see this date confirmed in the spoilers on Taransworld shortly.

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Lol looks like my 95% prediction was spot on and sadly spot on with the good and bad news. It’s almost like I knew something everyone else didn’t… :thinking: #forumconspiracy #505employeeofthemonth

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