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Faction Weapon: Jar of Eyes

Jar of Eyes is currently only available in the Faction Event Shop for 410 gems. In other events, the weapon is available to be made in the Soulforge. Is this an oversight or is it intended that faction weapons will only be available by purchasing them?

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That’s pretty pricey especially when you consider how it was nerfed before release. Let’s face it, though. It’s not like you have a choice. You HAVE to get the weapon for each faction. That’s 820 gems needed this week just for this.

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Why do we ‘need’ the faction weapons?

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It’s not a Faction weapon but a kingdom-linked weapon. So for Power Level. :wink:

About the OP, you certainly could buy the weapon next time ASE will be the Faction of the Event.


It doesn’t count as a faction troop? Then it’s a bit overpriced.

I don’t think so, but I didn’t try :wink: .

Yeah, I saw that. And, on the same week most people are already buying at least Tier 2 or 3 in Invasions for that troop (and) weapon as well. It’s like… “Wow, way to squeeze every last Gem out of your player base.” And, that doesn’t even include if you buy the Daily Dungeon thing either. That’s another 350 for the week. These Gem Sinks are getting out of hand, in my opinion.

Edit: Can’t forget the new Mythic either. Unless you get it with Seals and/or keys, you’re spending Gems on that too. Jesus, man. Wow. Just… Wow.

About the OP, you certainly could buy the weapon next time ASE will be the Faction of the Event.

That’s assuming this is the weapon that will be available for the next Darkstone related event. In any case I wonder if this is going to set a precedent where items are going to be initially available only in the event shop and then behind a paywall forever after. Sort of like old weapons were supposedly going to appear in the Soulforge rotation but now are only available in the Weekly Event Shop for $4.99 (e.g. Bullroarer this week).

I’m not a completionist nor do I need the weapon, but without further clarification this seems like a step towards paying to be competitive. This week’s weapon was toned down, but imagine the next time a Mang or Earth’s Fury type weapon is only available at a high gem cost. You don’t absolutely need those weapons but life sure is easier when you have them available.