Purchasing multiple Weapon packs when you can only use one

I was thinking…the weeks that we have a weapon featured there is also two Arcane stones based on the kingdom of the week. After the initial purchase sometimes I would be in a quandary to purchase multiple Glory packs to collect the featured traitstone. It’s not an issue during Troop weeks because of the Ascension system. It’s more difficult during weapon weeks because the psychological effect of loss aversion kicks in. Do I really want to spend 3-400 glory a pop to “only” get two arcane stones? I may break down and do it if it’s a set that I’m really really waiting for, however I would still feel that I’m being “cheated” in a way, emotionally speaking.

What I would propose with either the weekly weapon Glory pack and real money kingdom bundle is to offer something else if you already have a weapon in inventory. Ideas could include:

  1. One extra Arcane stone
  2. 3-5 event keys or similar

That way I would feel much better about using more Glory (which you get primarily by playing the game) and others may feel that Arcanes are not such a insurmountable obstacle. This would also apply to the real money weekly bundle too…there have been times where I was really tempted to use some disposable income on those but the idea that there’s an item that I already have prevents the impulse purchase. I rationally know that the weapon is likely a “freebie” since you also get the troop, keys, souls and stones but that loss aversion kicks in. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


I am fine with rebuying a weapon giving nothing, but packs need to display correctly if the weapon is already owned or not. Since the weapon reward isn’t as good, it allows people to save for 6 or 16 troops when the bi-weekly troop event rolls around.

I feel the same way about this. I hope it gets reworked.

In addition to that, I’m also missing those bi-weekly sales of old event weapons, most prominently the Staff of Madness. Since the shop seems to support limited quantity purchases, couldn’t we just get two single-buy packs each second week, one containing only the new event weapon and one containing only a recycled event weapon? And leave the 300 glory pack like it is right now, just with a runic trait stone thrown in as replacement for the weapon?

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Yeah, I don’t understand why they stopped doing 2 and went back to only 1. I guess they did it to see how many they could sell for cash. If it helps fund the game, I wouldn’t mind them keeping it to only 1 weapon per week for a couple months or so.