Shouldn't weapon event weeks be 1 time purchase?


What is the point of having a multiple purchase option on weapon weeks? On troop weeks it makes sense for people may use it to mystic a new troop, but multiple instances of the same weapon does nothing. Everyone will basically just buy one and then save their glory for the following week to buy 16-17 of the new troop. Yes, someone may buy multiple to accumulate resources, but saving it for troop weeks is just so much better even with the 100 glory price increase.

While on this topic, does anyone think Spoils of War glory pack has a low reward? Using that 180 glory on 9 glory keys would yield a better reward, and even more so if saved for the next troop event.


I agree that including the weapon in the pack is a bit odd when at other times the pack offers a troop.
Still, 300 > 180x2 and you get double gold, keys and souls from the pack (and a couple of stones instead of maps).
Unless I’m mistaken last weeks pack cost 400 glory, so we already get a discount for not getting multiple copies.


The problem with this assessment is that the Spoils of War comes with 2 Maps and 100 Souls (and 500 Gold but lets focus). Maps and Souls are also in the shop - 2 Maps is 100 Glory, and 100 Souls is about 62.5 Glory. And converting Glory and Gem costs (not totally translatable but still) makes an Event Key worth about 100 Glory. So its effectively a massive discount across the whole chest.

The thing is, of course, that few enough people use maps right now, and a relatively small amount of Souls (and Gold) basically goes unnoticed. Would I rather Event Keys be set aside for 100 Glory each? Probably.


Is there a reason to actually limit the purchase? I guess most people with glory stock will buy exactly 1 as that makes sense.

The value is questionable? For me, sure. But other players may count differently.

Limits are normally applied for offers with really good value.


One thing I would expect is an easy way to tell if I have the weapon in question or not. In the past it was easy: If I have it, there is no Purchase button. But now, I have to go to the weapon list and check if I have it already (in case of a returning weapon, or maybe I bought it and forgot). It would be nice if the pack had a visual notation to the fact that I have that weapon already,