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Forge gem keys + ? into event keys

Forge gem keys + ??? into event keys.

1 gem key + 2 glory key + 100 souls = event key

That seems like maybe a ballpark fair method of more event keys.

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Forgive my ignorance, but… Doesn’t Consoles have Spoils of War available on Glory Shop?

180 Glory = 1 event Key + 500 Gold + 100 souls + 2 Treasure Maps

I understand how gem and glory keys aren’t very valuable nowadays, but 180 of glory is also quite cheap too.

180 glory for an event key is great, but you have to buy them One. At. A. Time. :rage:

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I see, it’s more a matter of “Improvements that Console is in dire need!”

Like having an option to buy multiples and specially adding functions to press a button to add 10 packs instead of pressing another button 10 times. A basic feature that should be in the core build…

They were thinking of completely reworking event keys to only give commons - mythic from the specific kingdom of the week, giving multiple copies when a lower rarity is obtained.

It was mentioned that when they do this, they would consider adjusting the price of event keys (likely by making them cheaper). When this is done, I assume the 180 glory pack would also be adjusted, as it has not been modified since its release.

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And end up with a major green traitstone