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'Gem Keys' but not 'Gem Keys'?

So I was cashing in some of my surplus key collection last night, and thought it strange that:

  • ‘Event’ keys can give ‘Event’ troops.
  • ‘Glory’ keys can give ‘Glory’.
  • ‘Gold’ keys can give ‘Gold’.


  • ‘Gem’ keys do not give ‘Gems’. So why then are they called ‘Gem’ keys? They also do not give gold, or glory, so as an end gamer the highest value key (other than VIP keys) is effectively the most useless key now.

Yes they have the better chance of dropping the new mythic on the first Friday of each month, but normally by the time I use guild seals I’ve already dropped the mythic anyway, and if not would rather burn glory keys so at least I’m gaining gems, gold and glory at the same time. I therefore refer back to old posts about forging keys, as it would be great to forge the many gem keys I have into other key types, or at least add the chance to gain ‘gems’ from ‘gem’ keys.

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If you have no keys in your inventory, Gold Keys require you to spend gold to purchase them. Glory Keys cost glory, and Gem Keys cost gems. The naming scheme for those three isn’t about what they offer, but what they cost.


You got the names source wrong:

gold keys are being purchased with gold
glory keys are being purchased with glory
gem keys are being purchased with gems
event keys are being received in events
vip keys are avaible for purchase for VIP players

it’s not what they give, but what’s the main source of gaining them :wink:
(becuase some of these keys can be obtained from: AB tasks, Arena/Treasure Hunt rewards, weekly troop packs with glory etc.)