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Please can we have a runic stone included in the weekly troop pack for glory?

Please can we have in the weekly troop pack for glory .

1 troop
arcane stones
runic stones
2 event keys

I have been buying weekly glory packs for months and despite swimming in arcanes I am unable to trait many troops since I have no way to obtain runic stones.

I noticed there were some runics for sale but then the types changed and suddenly telling my wife that hey!! I can now trait most of my troops since I spent the rent money and the gasoline money and the food money…well lets just say thats not going to end well.

Soo my purchases were the dragon armor and going to have to keep just using glory until we have a few less daily gunbattles and the local economy improves.

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That’s what explore mode and treasure maps are for.


If I had to guess, wargems is a console player. Console doe not have explore. There is no info about how long it will be before its implemented.

No explore on console .
Treasure maps also drop arcanes aaaand its terrible getting 95 purple runics when you only need 2 more brown runics but both lootcifer and rngeezus say lol nope.
Sooo can we please have select runic per week for glory added to the glory pack?

Yup console no explore

Lootcifer… :joy:


Do you not have challenges on console either? You can target mono-color kingdom to only get runics of that type.

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Our next patch isn’t too far off, and it may include explore mode since it’s not a lot of coding effort relatively speaking.

Explore came in 2.1. We are likely getting the 2.0 features like the new PvP.

I know, but it doesnt always work like that. We’ll probably get the 2.1 troop rebalance because it’s easy. I think they might skip the new pvp because I think it’ll change drastically once the new guild system is implemented.
Strange is always mum on what’s in the patch to avoid endless why isn’t threads. This might be a bug / easy stuff patch since the AI is actually broken.

Development uses patch and update interchangibly so it’s confusing.

PATCH: The AI is broken, finally proven by me and there are a lot of Troop rebalances to be done (as well as older ones that NEED TO BE DONE CORRECTLY) so a patch is needed.

UPDATE: 2.0 brought Glacial Peaks, fixed Summoning and introduced base Mythics. Blighted Lands is the last Kingdom in this last update, so we need a new update as well.

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Yes they do use the term patch and update sort of interchangeably. They can’t push out new code whenever they want to on xbox or ps4. They have to submit it and it goes through a testing process, mostly I suspect so it doesn’t do things to the console o/s it shouldnt.
Details are fuzzy, but on an old console a particular game with a hacked save file allowed you to overight memory in a way to bypass copy protection so you could play pirated games. And their was a game demo that accidentally nuked all your save files. That’s what ms and Sony are looking for when they certify updates.
Patches are usually bug fixes, updates are new features.

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Tried that keep getting minor brown , major brown and when it looks like its time for a runic ? Lootcifer says thanks for the digital sacrificed goats so heres what you want tada another arcane , brown arcane ..._._evil chuckle from Lootcifer .

You have a valid point. I’m in a top alliance and get a lot of glory keys. I trait a lot of troops to get cities to 3 and 5 stars. I have almost no minor, 500 each of majors, 60 each of runic and a dozen aracane.

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Sigh still really low on runics