Pulling the Football Away: Scary Error Message

So I went to PvP today…coffee mug in hand, music playing, cat purring, sun shining.

Gems of War began searching for an opponent.

But …

But …

Lucy Van Pelt, in Charles M. Schulz’s comic, insists that she will hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick it. But when he tries to, she pulls it away at the last minute and Charlie Brown falls on his backside. She always points out that he should not have trusted her.

In the same way, I trusted Gems of War to find me an opponent.

But when I went to PvP, GoW pulled the opponent away at the last minute and a massive, jawdropping popup exploded on the screen, taking my breath away:

“No worthy opponents were found at this time. Please try again later.”


I might have drooled out a little coffee.

Later. Later? What is this Later of which you speak? Some of us need our Gems of War fix, now.

Pictorial Technical Schematic of Bug below:

Is there anything I can do to avoid seeing this … ever again? It scares me.

That sounds like the suggestion I made in another thread about Matchmaking… not sure of what is not being met to get it though.

I hope immediate raparations are made to this egregious affront to all the happy goblins gamboling about the world of Krystara.

In short, give me liberty PvP, or give me death!

Ok, ok… that might be a bit much in this instance: I just want PvP … you can keep the death part.