Interesting PvP opponent

As soon as the battle begun it said that I had won and awarded me 1,417 in gold, but I ain’t complaining lol :stuck_out_tongue:

What platform are you on?

I also see this from time to time. Usually the opponent has only the hero in the lineup.

Yes, whenever I’ve had a blank scouting screen, the actual battle was with the solo hero wielding a Crude Club.

Yep, that fix was done recently to stop battles against ‘empty’ teams, which can crash the game…

Oh you mean it will default to that? Cool.

I’m on a pc. Since this was the first time that I have seen this I thought that it must have been a glitch, good to know that they have taken measures to stop games from crashing as much. Without fail the crashes (or freezes) always seem to happen to me right after I either win or lose a PvP battle, before being awarded anything.

I get these about every other week.

That’s an improvement. In the past you had to go to a skull match before the game granted you victory.

@Macawi - raises two different issues…

1st - a battle being won without ever taking out even a single enemy

2nd - the empty slots on the ‘To Battle’ screen.

I’ve never experienced the 1st issue.

I’ve experienced the 2nd issue many times, and when you progress to the battle screen the opposition has a single hero character using a crude club (as per @MarvelKit & @actreal’s comments). Interestingly, the opposition player this most happens for me is with ‘Wolfy’ who happens to have that flag also (maybe the same). When this happens, I back-out, increase difficulty to Warlord IV, then go back in and take him out with the extra bonuses.

I once tried to use a Skill during on of these empty lineups. And I got stuck because my damage spell cannot find a target to click on, and there is also no cancel option to release me from the selection stage… so I ended up rebooting the game and losing the game. :joy: