Hi everyone ! Here’s the deal : I already maxxed up to level 15 almost half of my units (41 units maxed of 106). As I already have completed every quests and kingdoms challenges in the game, I try and replay challenges to farm souls but I can’t earn more than 50 to 70 souls doing my best.

I use Celestasia

and the 200% souls armor.

Hi, have a look at the traits - eg Valkyrie
and battle with higher level of difficulty.

Since this is posted under Ps4/Xb1, no traits for consoles at this time or difficulty settings. (that I know of?) … And I’m guessing the 200% armor is meaning that they have the celestial armor, which provides an additional 100% more souls. So if I’m correct, the max for a battle would be 80? Or 800 for arena completion.

I am using Spider Armor at the moment and generally hit the cap of 70 souls, with it’s 75% souls addition. I also use that very same lineup that’s listed from time to time.

Another team I like to fool around with is
Gloom Leaf

This is slower, but Gloom allows me to take away their attack and I simply work the board more. I can also just heal him (or others) with Celestatia if needed. but this does allow me time to pick up more souls to cap out before finishing them off. - But your existing lineup is still better overall.

What banner do you use?

@DeadPool Sorry, not sure if you’re asking me or the OP? For me I use Adana (Yellow/Red) … I also prefer to use Trent as the tank really, but against a hard hitting team, he can sometimes get taken out before you can use him leaving the rest unprotected. But once things get going, his mana colors work better.

But for simple soul building, I rather like Gloom, It’s just that he also takes Reds with his Greens, which can sometimes be a pain. But once loaded, I just hold on to him.

As this uses much Valkyrie and Alchemist, I prefered playing the +2 red Banner. Don’t ever underestimate the usefullness of ceslestasia, which helps much engining the build ^^.
You can farm on low level challenges like the first one one of whitehelm. makes some treasures maps too but randomly btw. (very often 1 or 2 but up to 4)

I don’t see why you’d have to bother with a gloom tank when you have Celestasia which creates mana (combos very often doin it). The basics are to loop valkyrie alchemist and banshee. Doing this, in the lowest difficulty you can earn 60souls per fight. Don’t hesitate anymore

i’ve already made a 82 souls per fight with celestial armor on. So nope 80 isn’t the cap. 100 Perhaps ?