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Soul farming issues

Ok, so I was up last night watching tacter videos and reading thread on soul farming. I am low on all resource because I am a bad spender​:joy: I did what tacter said and farmed in kingdom challenge with Val and 3 warlord. All 3 are on lvl 18. Warlords have 2 traits and I did not trait Val. My issue is I am not getting the 100/100 souls in the lvl and I don’t know why. What I am doing wrong. I have seen suggestion with The dragon soul and Pharo. I have both. Pharo is on lvl 1 and no trait. Help please. :weary:

You have Pharos-Ra?
I suggest using an orb of wisdom to unlock his traits if you have 1.
If you don’t, well, you should start farming :sweat_smile:
His last trait is the best in the game in terms of soul farming.
Also troops like sol’zara, tds, keeper of souls, valkyrie,… have similar traits.
TDS is really useful in soul farming teams as well as he speeds up everything.
Once you have enough mana to cast tds he will fill up your other troops.
Do you have celestial armor? If yes, do you have it on?

If you type in ‘necromancy’ in your troops list all troops with that trait should show up.

I used this before I had multiple Pharos
Shouldn’t be a problem to hit 140 soul cap with this.

Pharos-Ra T3
Sol’Zara T1
Keeper of Souls T1

Abyssal banner

Sorry, my mistake. I don’t have Pharos or Solo Zara. I have Azira, warlock, Val and some others. I have the Celestrial Armor. I am not accumulating the 100/100 souls like I should.

Oh I do have TDS lvl19

Definitely put tds in your soul farming team and some others that give souls or have necromancy trait. At first it won’t be easy, but you’ll get other troops later on that fit your team better. Try experimenting with what you have!

You are making sure to cast Valkyrie, right? Her ability generates souls. The Warlocks’ Necromancy trait increases the souls you can get, but if you don’t cast Valkyrie before winning the match you’re only going to get bonuses to the 4 souls you got for winning.


Ok guys I figured it out. Here is what I am doing.
I have been playing challenges on warlord2 and have been generating 350 souls to about 65 more. When I get to the last star I get an extra 350. I haven’t kept track of soul to hour ratio yet cause I suck at math but I have over 8000 and I have been farming for an hour. :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Yeah that’s a decent soul farm team to begin with, expand your team as you get newer troops