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{PS4/Xbox} List of Personal Tasks & Rewards - Complete (for now)

As far as I can tell, other than the Tasks for the low-level players, all Tasks rotate randomly.

Yeah that 20 invasion task is completely out of kilter from the other Daily’s in Slot One. Before the 1.85 update that specific task was win 10 (even though the description was inaccurate ) if I recall for example in slot three the reward for winning ONE battle with 4 troops from the same Kingdom of ANY type (not just invasion) is 5 Glory Keys, one shy of the 6 key reward for 20 invasions only! and if you miss all twenty before the daily reset you get nothing…

I would say that Zelfore nailed it… One of the things that PC/Mobile users enjoy that console users don’t is the ability to easily access Tributes (free gold, glory, keys, gems) at a far higher frequency than XB1/PS4 players can manage, unless the latter glue themselves to the console and play NOTHING BUT Gems.

In a way this balances out the economic progression, although I wouldn’t dismiss the inherent experimentation that the task list encourages. It teaches that we can play using specific troops of certain colours/ races/ kingdoms. On console I would never have thought to try a deck of Khetar-driven or Maugrim Woods-heavy troops if I hadn’t received the tasks to do so.

That being said, I seem to recall in my early progress for v1.06 on the PC/Mobile (prior to Level 24) that I did indeed see “Task completions” showing up in the right hand corner of the screen. I knew what they were from my console play, and figured they were part of a PC Tutorial Task List that I didn’t khow to access. But by the time I levelled up to 30, those task completion notices stopped showing up. I figured it was because the next update had removed them, or something.

Anyone else remember seeing those task completions on PC/Mobile?

I do have a suggestion on behalf of PC/Mobile users. @Sirrian would it be possible to implement a fashion that PC users could use to reliably obtain Gem Keys? In my view this is the biggest difference between the console and mobile versions. I simply cannot master Treasure Hunt to the 120+ moves necessary to generate Gem Keys. Many critical UR cards are really hard to get from the early UR drops, so having a few Gem keys show up once a week from a task would help!

As I said before, completing the “Win 20 Invasions” task is a 4 to 5+ hour job (for people under level 200 that is). @Mr.Strange would it be possible to “save” a player’s progress in that daily task (from Path A) so that they can attempt to complete it the next time that task cycles back?

The way it is now, I keep losing 6 to 12 invasion’s worth of progress on it every week without fail. To be honest, in the past whenever I’ve committed myself to completing it in one shot (before it cycles) the psychological outcome has been rather unhealthy! :cold_sweat:

I realize it’s my choice to ignore the task, or not. I just wonder whether we’re all doing ourselves and our bodies a huge misfavour in the long run, if we think it’s “okay” to do couch marathons week after week.

Reward is 2000 gold

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I’ll scale that back - it’s a bit high for a daily task.


The only one with missing information on the OP list

First off, nice move, 20 was a little high for sure.

Also, when it’s changed, could you post it here so I can keep this up-to-date. Despite what a lot of people may think, I do not like to spread misinformation.

I thought that 20 Invasion challenge was reasonable. The 5 Revenge thing is not for the daily task slot. Shouldn’t that be in slot C instead?

What’s with all the hate with the Revenge Task? (Not just you, there’s a lot of others)

5 isn’t hard to get or complete.

When you normally can stockpile 3 at most and even with many invasions, there’s little guarantee you will be attacked esp. if it is later in the week. So yes it can be a dead thing to deal with.

I can’t speak for others, but I wouldn’t call it ‘hate’. That task use to be 3 and that wasn’t easy to attain because here you are waiting for someone you invaded to attack you, but the third one just never shows. And when the third one does, task switches over. Its easier to invade than it is to sit and play the waiting game for a revenge battle.

Maybe there are more PS4 users than there are XB1 users to account for the shortage at my level.

Slot Four

Earn 200 souls. - 50 Glory

Mr. Strange thanks for your attention on the 20 Invasion Task. Scaling it back would be great.

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Yep, my bad, I was WAY off. You need to win a single battle with 3 troops from one specific Kingdom not 4 (like I wrote) in order to get the 5 Glory key reward. (the 2,000 gold reward you cited is for a different task altogether that I was not referring to) This Task is also slot one not three.


Looks like your still missing the Slot One task that rewards 5 Glory Keys. You need to win with 3 Troops from a Specific Kingdom (randomly selected).

Ill get the exact wording when it comes up again. Its a great reward for one game.