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{PS4/Xbox} List of Personal Tasks & Rewards - Complete (for now)

done @MrSnake

Not surprising it’d take some time, what with the whole ‘rebalancing the entire economy’ thing.

Much consideration would need to be put into this sorta feature, as making resources too accessible would seriously cut into the bottom line. (No bottom line = no game = seriously unhappy Zelfore)

While I absolutely love the idea of tasks, I’m willing to wait for as long as it’ll take to implement it.

there ya go.

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Still missing rewards on these Tasks;

  • Make a purchase with Glory -
  • Win a match using 4 Troops from the same Kingdom -
  • Earn 200 Souls *from battles only -

Also, if any information is incorrect or if there are additional Tasks, please report.

Slot One

Defeat 8 enemy troops with your hero’s weapon. - 4,000 gold

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Why would it cause a problem with the economy on PC/Mobile? They already have it working well on console versions.

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Yeah I don’t think it would ruin pc at all. The first time I played on pc, I was sad to learn there’s no tasks. I think it helps new players out quite a bit.


It wouldn’t ruin it, but it may imbalance the economy if the Tasks are factored into it. I honestly can’t say if the economies between the two versions are even different.

There’s a heavy difference between the Mobile market and the Console market. This is a primary factor in the economy.

What works for one platform could completely imbalance another. With the accessibility and leading for innovation on PC/Mobile, risks can’t be thrown in all willy-nilly. Account for how much time you have to play mobile versus time you have to make for consoles, it’s another ballgame altogether.

The PS4/XB1 versions also have a few more armors than PC/Mobile, but there’s clearly no intention of adapting these same purchasables. Which further proves my point that even though there are similarities, the economy balances are completely different.

It would unbalance it because we already have a troop lead and as the tasks are repeatable and therefore exploitable with our ability to power level with quicker games we can complete the tasks at a faster rate.

Added to Slot One:

Win a match using 3 Troops of the same type/race - earns 2 Gem keys

Make a purchase with Glory - 5 Gems rewarded.

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I may have said this before - but I’ll repeat it here for clarity.

There are four slots for tasks:

  • Daily tasks - which rotate every day, whether or not you have completed them.
  • path A tasks.
  • path B tasks.
  • path C tasks.

“path A” tasks is a set of ~25 specific tasks, which you need to complete in linear order. Once you have completed all of the “path A” tasks, we fill that slot with a set of rotating tasks specific to that slot.

Paths “B” and “C” are similar. Folks here talk about them as if they are primarily a set of rotating tasks - but their primary function is to lead players through the first ~150 level of the game. The rotating tasks that fill those slots once the linear task sequences are finished were mostly just something to keep that area from looking empty.

The daily tasks are different - it’s just a random task pulled from one of THREE lists of tasks. First list is for players who are level 1-25, second list is 26-50, and third list is for players level 51 or higher.

To make a complete record of the tasks, you would need a new player to record things from the start of a new profile.

And finally - all of this is subject to change! We keep updating & improving tasks. So enjoy that :wink:


Then endear us with your knowledge and help fill out the missing information?

If we ever feel like the system is fixed and won’t be changed a bunch again in the near future - I’ll give you a complete list.

We’re not there yet. :wink:

New tasks are coming, thanks for the semi-confirmation :wink:

Indeed. But the majority of those changes affect the linear path of tasks, which you’re past already.

But future players will appreciate the smoother task experience!

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Well, there are a few “new” things I can think of that may be added for both newer players and vets.

Raise a troop to level 20, to go with the 10 and 15 specs. Tied with that could be:
Ascend a troop. Slightly easier requirement than above.
Kill x troops by Poison/Burning. A compliment to the Hero’s Weapon kind of challenge (which will likely become much better once Heroes receive classes.)

Simple things like that. And maybe we’ll get lucky and have the “Increase Kingdom Level” only on 1 of the tiers.

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Great list. Would like the win a battle using only dragons, dwarves, wildfolk, or some other specific race for a task instead of the generic win a battle using 3 or 4 troops from the same race. Could fit that in one of the first two slots. The last slots could expand that to win 50 battles using 3 or 4 from a specified race. Or, how about winning 10 PvP battles using certain troops…

@TaliaParks Thank you so much for compiling the list! There’s a specific reason why I thought this might be useful, actually. Namely that if the known tasks were always cycled sequentially --one after another-- I was hoping that I might be able to pre-emptively position my daily task in Path A (i.e. Slot 1) so that the “Win 20 Invasions” task would occur on Day 1 or Day 2 of the Weekly Event reset.

The way it is now, I often notice that “Win 20 Invasions” shows up for me the day before on Monday when I have no stomach to do another 5 hours of invasion just to complete that task. It also turns out that “Make a purchase with Glory” shows up for me on Sundays, which is awfully late in the week for me to wait to buy the event pack.

But if what Mr. Strange says is correct, then the daily tasks may rotate randomly. I strongly suspect that there is a set of ~4 to 5 tasks that rotate daily within the first slot, specific to the player’s progress. The next day a new set starts cycling in the first slot.

I really would prefer if the Invasions and Glory purchase tasks would show up earlier in the event week, however!