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{PS4/Xbox} List of Personal Tasks & Rewards - Complete (for now)


Win 20 Invasions - earns 6 Glory keys
Level a Troop to 10 - earns 500 Souls
Level a Troop to 15 - earns 1,500 Souls
Make a purchase with Glory - earns 5 Gems
Win a match using [Kingdom’s] Banner - earns 4 Gold keys
Win a match using 3 Troops from the same Kingdom - earns 5 Glory keys
Win 7 matches in a single Arena run - earns 3,000 Gold
Change your Armor - earns 2,000 Gold
Win 5 Revenges - earns 500 Souls
Defeat 8 enemy Troops with your Hero’s weapon. - earns 4,000 Gold
Win a match using 3 Troops of the same type/race - earns 2 Gem keys


Increase a Kingdom’s level - earns 3 Gems
Forge a Trait - earns 2 Gem keys
Use a Gem key - earns 10 Gems
Make a purchase with Gems - earns 5 Gems
Contribute 5,000 Gold to a Guild Task - earns 25 Glory
Win a match using 4 Troops of the same type/race - earns 2,000 Gold
Win a match using 4 Troops using the same Mana type - earns 2,000 Gold


Earn 10 Trophies - earns 200 Souls
Use 20 Gold keys - earns 2 Glory keys
Use 10 Glory keys - earns 1 Gem key
Win a match using 4 Troops from the same Kingdom - earns 2,000 Gold
Make 50 5-matches - earns 2 Gem keys
Use 4 Treasure Maps - earns 100 Glory


Win 50 matches - earns 100 Glory
Earn 200 Souls *from battles only - earns 50 Glory
Win 40 Invasions - earns 5 Gems
Increase a Kingdom’s level - earns 2 Glory keys
Win 8 matches in a single Arena run - earns 10 Gems

I am missing some Tasks and plenty of the rewards. If you know them, post and I will edit this accordingly.

I would fact check more, but I cannot rotate the 2nd and 4th slots until the next Kingdom (Wild Plains!)


Now to get them on PC/Mobile. :wink:


I have pictures for most of these, but you beat me to the punch with starting this thread.

There also are a few notes that should be added to some of these too which when I get the pics later I can add.

And the use 4 troops of the same mana type was slot 2 not 3

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Hmmmm, I’m quite sure I have seen it in slot 3. Maybe there is one in slot 3 with “Win a match using three Troops using the same Mana type”?

Don’t know off hand. My 3 spot is usually stuck on use 4 maps. But the 4 of a mana color is on 2. It’s what I got between trait forging

Changed that one :thumbsup:

200 souls note.

While it lists ways to get them, the only way that does count is by battle. Neither maps not guild reward added to it. That said, Valkyrie’s ability seems to add to this too.

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You guys have Drifting Sands, therefore you can farm Arcane Mountains.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


It does, I use her and get the cap every match and it counts fully towards the Trait. Do Challenge rewards or Arena rewards count?

Nope. They don’t.

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7match arena run is $3000
Pretty sure task 1 use 3 troops same kingdom is 2 gem keys

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On the 3 line for both:

Use 20 Gold Keys - 2 Glory keys for a prize
Use 10 Glory Keys - 1 Gem key for reward

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Slot 2 the use four troops task both award $2000.
Contribute $5000 to guild is 25 glory
Task 3 earn 10 trophies is 200 souls

Slot 4
50 battles is 100glory
Increase kingdom is 2glory keys
40 invasions is 5gems
Win 8 matches in arena is 10gems

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Thank you @Shiratori and @death.

To everyone, if I like your post, I made the changes you reported :thumbsup:

So this is the elusive xbox/ps4 quests i have heard tale about. If i were to complete all 4 of them in one day then the rollover happens, do i get four new quests or just one?

You get a new one whenever you complete a task so you’ll always have 4 to do

Why do we not have this???

Tasks is something we would like to add to the PC/ Mobile version in the future. No ETA at this stage though.


Can you say version 2.3 or 2.4 if possible?

could u mark this topic for console then?

i wondered why i did not understand what tasks are mentioned xD only play on steam and mobile…