ps4 version new release issues

I’m just trying to find out if anyone has had the same issues I’m having since the new release.

  1. When a character dies from poison and is the last player the game lets you still drop gems and then it crashes.

  2. Some of the new bosses (cards you can’t get yet on the challenges) tend to cause the game to crash. I have had 2 or 3 bosses do this on multiple occasions. This happened either when I hit them, kill them or they cast a spell.

  3. The quest to change armor to bonus gold doesn’t recognize that you completed it.

  4. When playing challenges to complete a task I noticed that the board came up the exact same for me 3 times in a row. Very odd.

Non bug items but sometimes I get keys for matches anyone know what causes this or is it just random.


Random keys is by design. Everything else sounds like bugs.

Yes, we now get random keys dropping during matches, infrequently, if you make a decent gem match. It may or may not be a mini reward for not totally sucking at puzzle gameplay. Heh.

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I’m going to say it’s not a reward for good play, given how often I get a key for a match that gives the enemy several match-5’s in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hokayyyy I guess I’m not that unlucky! Heh
I always figured that since keys only drop for match-3’s, rather than match-4’s and higher which should be no-brainers, that any match-3 which gets a keydrop is “okay”. Not necessarily a genius move mind you, just a decent one.

I’ve learned to be wary of doing certain vertical match-3’s near the top of the board. The number of times I’ve matched a colour I desperately needed, only to see a match-4 skull drop down in favour of the A.I., is maddening. The worst part is when you know that the sole remaining match-3 left on the board, which you are forced to take, will set the A.I. up with a whole series of Extra Turns. @actreal Is that what you’re referring to?

A keydrop at that point might be an apologetic consolation prize… I guess. Although I’ve never received one in that situation.

I notice that many times when this situation does arise for me, the A.I. isn’t making match-4’s which benefit it in mana. So this mechanism may in fact be an indirect way of reshuffling the board in your favour, if you aren’t using gem colour transformers to reset the board regularly.

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I’m not referring to anything other than the fact that gold key drops are completely random and don’t relate to the quality of your match at all. :slight_smile: