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Multiple crashes [PS4]

Currently the game hangs at the title screen even after ps4 restarts…Prior it crashed when opening 12 glory keys, restarted game, keys gone. Tried opening 6 gold keys, crashed again and now wont load. Sent crash report onps4 for both events.Earlier this evening i had error msg when trying to soul upg a card saying it couldnt save my user profile to server. edit: Finally loaded in after 5mins title screen and gold keys also gone, dont know if i got anything for them. edit2: Now tried buying a single gold key…crashed. Im done for today i guess.

Seems like i can use keys again, im guessing yhis was server related on the profile end yesterday, sux i didnt get those keys though.

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If you lost some keys from a crash make a ticket with the game support. They will hook you up. :wink:

Well it were glory keys and gold keys so… And not 100% sure if they didnt yield as im not updated w new cards beyond where it crashed and it would show.