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Dungeon Offer crashing game

Hi everyone,
does anyone know if this is a reported bug?

I cannot buy the 150 or the 50 gems Dungeon offers. They crash the game immediately (I’ve tried multiple times already.) This never happened before.


Also, how do I tag a dev?

Like that @Saltypatra.

This has been happening to me as well, I have several tickets and no one has reaponded, I select to redeeem all and it crashes. #55027 I also lost 200 gems

I’m a new player as well, this has set me back so much…

@Ozball are you aware of this bug? It happened to me twice

We’re aware of it and are investigating it. Support is currently dealing with an influx of tickets and as such wait times are slightly longer than usual.

Ok thank you, please also see if you can get me back the 200 gems, info is in the ticket, I would have armor right now if that didn’t happen to me.

Total loss I know of, 304 gold keys, 5 event keys, 200 gems, and a delay in getting the daily challenges done

Instead of the last option I redeemed 6 gold keys and the game crashed. (I didn’t get anything from the keys, again)