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This “update” has cost me 5 sigils this FA weekend

after I won a delve room, the game just shows the 6 gems loading thing, and then for NO reason, auto quit.
400 gems worth there, not to mention time and effort all the way to level 500.

I won’t spend a dime to buy gems anymore.

Good business.

I am on iPad


I’m having the same problems, just crashed twice in level 450 today and once yesterday. 3 sigils down because the game keeps crashing.

Same issue. Lost two sigils and had to do two delve levels over so far :rage:

Same here, 4 sigils lost. I’m giving up for today, this is ridiculous.

Are you on mobile or console?

Mobile (iOS)

Same here, lost 2 sigils back to back today :confused:

I tried again thinking it could be a temporary server issue but nope, fifth sigil lost.

And you wonder why I stopped playing this game. NOBODY gives a damn about QC anymore. It’s all about money WHEN IT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ABOUT THAT.

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Just a fyi… support doesn’t actually check this category.

In fact @Lyya as often as it gets confused I’m not sure why it still exists anymore.

If you’re experiencing crashes on your devices you’ll want to do Bug Report threads either combined or separate if you want @Saltypatra and the devs to actually see them.

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Is this just an iOS thing? or other platforms too? Not heard any complaints about it on PlayStation.

Can’t imagine anything will be done about it over the weekend though :frowning_face:

I wouldn’t bet on anything being done about it, let alone this weekend.

Good to know. I submitted a proper bug report.

i got the problem too,have to turn off and on my wifi connect twice

I know that it doesnt is a big cover over the sore, but at least u can send in a ticket and get the gems back for it, 6 siglis is like 2-3 tier 7 purchases, so 400-600 gems.

Don’t sell false hope. They’re not going to reimburse this — they’ll just blame a poor internet connection for causing the crash(es)


Dont think so bad about the support service. They been good to me all these years, and I have been around for over 5 years. :wink:

I heard Kafka said it takes them like 3 months to process, so I don’t bother.

They’ll only reimburse if the crash report or their log shows that the game was to blame. If they can’t tell then they may not be so generous.

Specially if you have multiple crash reports like me. They’ll use that data against you. They won’t consider the lack of reimbursement in those previous reports or the fact that those crashes happened on various devices. They just see X user complains about crashes a lot. 🤷

But yes, support… In the past used to be very generous.

It’s a strange phenomenon to see a company make more money and then ask their support staff to be less generous in terms of compensation offered.

Literally zero awareness of how they made money in the first place.

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I liked that reply of yours, you might be into something. I have mostly only used support in the past, so I dont know much about how they operate nowadays.