Ps4- shop not working

It been like this for a while. Some days it worked tho. AM i the only one?

Lol, nope ain’t only one.

@Nex any word on a fix for this issue??

I wonder how they can run a business when customers can’t pay them :wink:


That is a fantastic question. I think the only thing they’ve said is “We can’t reproduce”. Seems like something they’d desperately be figuring out… @Nex @Mr.Strange

We are still looking into why the store isn’t working properly for some people. Problem is, everyone seems to be impacted in a slightly different way – some have no store, some only see certain sections, some see errors while some don’t, etcetera – which drastically multiplies the number of possible variables that could be linked to this issue.

Have you submitted a big ticket to 505? That helps us track who/where/why folks are affected with various bugs.

If something is universal, then forum posts can be enough for us to identify & resolve certain issues. But this is harder than that, apparently. So we need the data provided by issued support tickets.

Thanks in advance!

I would if i could find the link, im not so good at finding my way arround here :slight_smile:
Any chance u could stick it on front page of support forum?

Use this link:

At the top-right, you’ll see links to submit a ticket. Be sure to include as much info as possible about the issue, your location, what console you’re using, etcetera. The more info you give you Customer Support, the better they’ll be able to examine what’s happening here.

(I’d love to stick that link on the front page of the support forum, but these amorphous forums don’t really have a front page.)

So its been 4 days now that my shop has been down with no gems or bundles. See plenty wearing deathknight though. :confused:

@Nex @Foresti

I’m on Ps4 in Australia

I like DK Armor. It looks very very nice. Especially on a team with a Maw.

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Ive been using the same armour for so long… does wearing different armour change the aesthetic of cards?

Only the hero. Maw is a running joke with @death since all his kids have several and I got 2, 1 from a Glory chest even while for all he does have, he remains mawless. That will likely change Tuesday as I see him spending every last gem he has until 1 drops.

Haha good luck to him with that

Didn’t know if the trim of the card changed or something

He’ll VIP chest it. So will I.

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1 at a time? I cant trait him so i think ill forget about him for now :scream:

Yep sure will vip it. :wink:
Looking forward to this event more then any other.
No Maw for you, @Shiratori

Pssh. I’ll open the 50 pack to mythic it. :wink:

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Lol, lend me some gems :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: