PS4 rank 3 guild recruiting


I’d love to join, my current guild isn’t active & I like to be part of a team. I need more motivation to PvP & do more. I’m getting slower due to no motivation. My invite code is: PANDA_3


@CpmPanda, You are welcome to join, just need to leave your current guild so I can send you an invite.


Ok, going to leave right now. Thank you!


@CpmPanda, Cool, you should have the invite now hopefully. Welcome to the guild!


Are you still looking for members? I’m looking for an active guild.


@BGQtony, Yup, we have just one more place left, if you let me know your invite code I can add you now.


actually, i just saw that you want 100k gold a week, I’m probably not high enough level for you :frowning:


@BGQtony, yeah sorry, I only really want people who can donate at least that. Try looking for a guild called “quimby” on here, I think they are still looking for people and should accept you.


Thanks Gra. Yes I’ll give you a shot if want to reap some rewards and donate what you can.
Regards Daniel.


Want to join. My code - STEIN_1
But now i’m in other guild. Write 2 me if i can leave and join you Guild=)


@Stein, Hey there, you are welcome to join, we have one place left. Just let me know when you have left your current guild and I will send you an invite.


I left current guild and ready to join =) Thanks


@Stein, Okay cool, I just sent the invite, Welcome to the guild.


1 place to be filled.


Currently 2 places to be filled.


I became a member about 3 weeks ago and it’s the best guild I’ve ever been in. Graeme is a great guild leader and will tell you if you’re slacking which is what a leader should do but I don’t see many doing that. It’s a guild I will fight to stay in and I can’t wait to meet the new peeps! If you do join; only donate to tokens, gems and keys. We don’t do maps or souls, because of this, most my kingdoms are nearly maxed in just 2 weeks as opposed to it taking me months. I went from having 192 troops at level 113 to almost all troops.

If you join, say hi in our PS4 community and communicate with us. Hope to meet you soon!


Just one space available for a very active player :smile:


Hi, would appriciate to join ur guild. Tell me if i can leave my current guild and join ur one. My invite code is ADRIAN_13


Hi, I have sent you a private message, will be a notification at the top right :wink:


2 places left to fill.