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Top 50 guild looking to rebuild with active members

We are a top 50 guild that was full a couple of weeks ago, but we cleaned house to get rid of some inactive members. We are currently competing in bracket 6 of guild wars. We are looking for active members that want to join an active guild. Our requirements are actually very reasonable. They are 50 trophies, 50,000 gold, and 15 guild wars matches weekly. We aren’t asking for much. We just want some people that enjoy playing the game on a regular basis. Reqs are very easily obtainable. Let me know if this is a guild you would like to join. Thanks.


Hey this does sound like a guild I would like to join. So send me a message please

Hi Apocalypse. Good to hear from you. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I haven’t been on the forum in a little while. We still have 3 open slots if you’re still interested in joining us. Just let me know. I will need your invite code as well. Thanks.

Hey guys I need a decent guild !!! I’m a fairly new player 3 + weeks but I play every day. I need to quit my current guild but please add me ! I’d still meet your requirements !!! ay4569

Yeah, should still have room. Is that your invite code?

I’m not sure - its the name I log in with. Let me check what it is tonight.

Let me get out of my guild when I play tonight.

If thats not my invite I’ll, respond with what it is.

Thanks!!! Andy (Ay4569)

I tried to send you an invite, but it says player does not exist. I need your invite code exactly as it appears in the settings menu at the bottom. Include any spaces or underscores. Thanks.

We’ve recently cleaned house a bit, and are currently in need of some new recruits. We are ranked 58th in the league, and we get most tasks done weekly. We’ve recently changed our weekly requirements. For Commander and below the requirements are 100,000 gold and 100 trophies. For sentinels and guild leader it is 200,000 gold and 200 trophies. We also require that members participate in guild wars and the weekly guild events. Once we become full again, we should be completing even more tasks each week. If interested in joining, please leave info below. Thanks.

Just back into playing the game after a small Hiatus. This guild seems good for me. Not sure if you have level requirements, I’m currently a little above 300, but I can do all else listed with no problems.


Don’t know what other info you need, but feel free to message me.

Sounds good gangover, I’ll shoot you an invite. Welcome to the guild.

It says you’re in another guild. Let me know when you leave, and I will invite you as soon as I can. Thanks.

Sorry for not responding sooner, I didn’t realize I had gotten a response so quick. I left my current guild, so whenever you get a chance I’m open for the invite.

Active player looking for competitive guild…


Ok. Thanks. I’ll get an invite to you as soon as I can.

Hello. Thanks for replying. I’ll try to get you an invite soon.

Hey samayong, it says player does not exist. Are you sure you gave me the correct invite code? Also, you are applying for the PlayStation guild, right? Not my PC/mobile guild?

Good afternoon. Are there still spaces in the guild? If yes, I would like to participate (PS4). Invite Code: SABETO_UNXQ

Hello sabeto. I would love to have you, but this is a recruitment thread for PC/mobile. However, if you are interested in joining my PS4 guild, you are welcome to do so. It is not a top 20 guild though. We are currently ranked around 60 or so. Sorry, not sure. Just let me know please. Otherwise, good luck on your search for a new guild.

Oops, sorry. I thought this was my other recruitment thread. Yeah, you are welcome to join. I’ll send an invite soon.

It’s all right. I’m waiting for the invitation.