458 lf active gw guild

Hi im looking for at guild who focuses are on gw. I do arround 200 trophies a week, but I mainly focus gw.

You should have joined us when you had the opportunity! Bracket one is tough and we need good guild wars players.

Siedlerpartie is currently looking for one player.
Rank 125, GW bracket 7, statues 79 to 105, 4 to 6 statues weekly.
No minimum contributions, nearly all of us play guild wars.


I am looking for a competetive gw guild :blush:

Hi there we are at GEM THEFT AUTO are a competitive guild. We all play daily. We all claim our seals. We are 163 ranking and climbing fast and we all do our guild wars and in rank 7. Might be rank 6 if we have gone up this week. We have a group where we all communicate. Let me know. My psn is Fruitloop-Leah

I pmed u, ready for inv :blush: