⭐ Guild of Gra. PlayStation rank 5/GW bracket 1 recruiting. All Epic tasks & guild events completed every week

Looking for skilled players to join Guild of Gra.

Must be daily active, level 1300+ and able to score well in GW and participate in all other guild events.
Ability to communicate well is also essential.

Weekly minimums 500 trophies, 1.25 million gold.
Sentinels maxed for GW.

We have a great community of people who help us succeed.
If you are interested just send me a message on PSN or here and I will get back to you ASAP.

PSN: TheGraKing

Thanks :slight_smile:


What rank? What masterys?

Currently ranked #145 (and always rising), masteries are all at 22/21.

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I’d like to join.

I play most days of the week.



Sent invite. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:



Love to join. Already in a champion league but these guys don’t contribute. I just bought all 36,000 for a task I wanted. Lol.
Thanks. I look forward to playing with you and getting better.

Sent invite. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

How do I accept? Got it. Thanks.

Im interested to talk about joining message me on psn Lord_Shynobi

I’m want to join.
Level 169, Celetial/Dragon Armour.
Invite Code: SPERBER_Q2UK

Invite sent :slight_smile:

Hello I would like to join, my invite is Brahms I play most days

Invite sent. Welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

Sorry…it seems like The invite failed por some thing, could you send ir again please?

Just sent again, hopefully you will get it this time.

I got it this time but instead of geting into the guild it lead me into the search of guild sección of the gane…maybe I don’t have some stat por maybe I’m buged por something…I guess I will hace to keep looking forma a guild…thanks for trying friend :slight_smile:

Hmm, that is strange, although GoW can be buggy lol. I sent another invite anyway just in case.

It was the Same for me. Pick the First Guild .

Still got room? Im lv 55 in a challenger guild but all the higher ups are very inactive.
I play fighting games competitively but this is my downtime game, I play everyday at least a couple hours.

Invite code: SHADE667_RDJZ

Thanks :wink: