PS4 Guild is looking for members

Hello friends, co-players and GoW lovers !
I am master on a small but ambitious guild. We had some strong players who helped us to climb enough but they have gone.
So, we are looking for new friends who are active.
We are medium level players ( lvl 450-500 ) and we play for fun and joy.
We have no minimums no maximums and no obligations but only to be active ( ESPECIALLY IN Guild wars ).
So, if you are alone in GoW environment, if you are not satisfied with your present guild or if you are running alone a guild having in sense that you are fighting in vain, you are welcome to join us . You can help us, we can help you and have fun together.
If someone is interesting please send me a pm to arrange how and when or feel free to ask me whatever you want to know in plus.
Greetings to all !!!

Hey, id like to join. Im active daily and lvl 1040 or so. Psn: Goeruf. Send me a pm if possible? Tha ks!!