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TAG (PS4) has 2 open spots available now!

We are looking for two active players for immediate invitation to our active guild on PS4.

We are a casual group of English speaking players from North america, UK and Australia! Currently we have 28 players and are looking for a 29th & 30th to join us to replace two members that have recently left us.
We are a fun but casual guild with always someone either in game or on our discord channel to chat and help out anyway we can. We are a fairly new “guild” in many respects (I started the guild 2.5 years ago than left for about 2 years just returning to it again about 5-6 months ago). However since my return we moved from rank 2,335 to 99 (current as of this posting).

We have no “Requirements” beyond you have to log in and play weekly (unless you are sick, on vacation etc in which case just a heads up is needed and you are good. We all have Real lives outside of GoW).

That said, although we don’t have any requirements we still play and achieve pretty decent stats for a casual guild:
We are level 168 with all guild statues between level 61 and 74 Usually we complete 3 to 5 guild tasks weekly (used to be 2-3 Legendary tasks but the new UI had several of our highest members leave the game for good which we are still recovering from).
Seals we are usually around 30k per week always get the 20k easy but have yet to get the 40k. Gold donations are usually upwards of 11 million gold a week Trophies are between 6 to 9k a week (We are currently around 108k trophies and "Master III which is the 240% gold bonus).

Our guild is made up some heavy hitters some middle of the road guys and some new active players we are helping come up through the ranks! Currently we have 6 members over level 1,000, 6 over level 500, 4 over 400, 6 between 215 and 315 and 8 between 35 and 170.
Our ideal candidates would be a level 400 plus, highly active player that wants to join a fun but casual guild.

What we offer:

28 fun, active members. A busy community page, an optional forum to join for adult members (TAG = The adult gamer we can be found here for more info http://theadultgamer.com/)

A busy Discord Channel with lots of photos, videos and game discussion. We have 80% of our members that play Guild Wars, it is optional but we do ask that you at least try it out. We are in bracket 55 (rank 541) this week and usually jump 20 to 50 ranks per week. The advantages of the lower ranks is GW has a lot more variety and usually isn’t to tough for any skill level of player.

In addition to all that we do cash a “give away” 5 times a month. The draws are done based on entry system we’ve devised based on what players achieve just by playing (getting trophy’s, donating gold and collecting seals). The money is donated by myself and paid through pay-pal using “friends and family” (so I can never try to “claim” it back from the winner) in what ever currency you wish if you are lucky enough to win.

Weekly we draw a random entry from our members based on how ever many entries they earn that week. (I use an app called riffle-raffle to do the draws and post all the info including screen shots to our discord channel).
Additionally we also do 1 monthly “Event” that is also a chance to win a cash reward for 2 lucky members. There is a first place winner based on the event criteria and a second place reward randomly selected for one random ‘runner-up’ out of the next 5 members (in positions 2 to 6).

If you are interested in joining us or want more information please reply here or contact me on PSN at Calv1n

Thanks for reading! See you in game Calvin