New to ps4 version, looking for a good active guild

Played a bunch on the pc version, but due to circumstances outside of my control, I am unable to continue there. I just recently got a ps4 and downloaded the game. Looking for a guild to help me get up there faster, I will work my butt off for it.

EDIT: typo

Come join Hobo Bandits. It’s just me but I’m trying to build members up. I’m active in wars and task building.

@ichirakorasaki and @Grims_Assassin why don’t you both come and join an already going and building momentum daily guild like TAG The Adult Gamer. We are always looking for new active players and are a easy going casual guild great for people that have lives outside of GoW. However despite been casual we still are very active currently and to give you some idea we put over 1 million gold into guild tasks on day one this week, we have moved up over 1,500 guild ranks in the last 2-3 weeks to champion II and have many daily players which I’m trying to add to every day. We are also looking at joining the guild wars for the first time mainly out of curiousity for the first time next week however this will always be an OPTIONAL thing for TAG we will never make anyone play that doesn’t want to. (You only get kicked out of TAG for 2-3 weeks in activity unless you have a very good reason of course or for doing something against basic code of conduct that would get you kicked out of any place like these forums)

I can tell you after trying to recruit here, facebook and other locations for the last month it is a pretty small pool of players out there right now that are not already in full active / top guilds.

If you are interested please message me here on the forums or on PSN at my gamertag Calv1n