TAG TWO is looking for great casual players!

Hello all!

TAG’s new sister guild is now recruiting for casual players of all levels. No requirements other than just being active every week for a laid back and fun guild for everyone of all levels!

TAG TWO is currently in Guild Wars Rank 80 Bracket 8 ( so 16 troops, 8k gold and 100 Gems per GW week) and is around guild rank 120 on the current leader-board.

We are looking for some great players new and old.
TAG TWO offers a great casual experience with Discord for guild chat.
Additionally the top players at TAG TWO that want to move up will be moved to TAG when there are openings.

Please contact PSN ID - “Figuren76” (Aka Matte the Guild Leader) to get more details or to ask for an invite


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Hi there. I’m looking for an active-ish Guild for my eleven-year old son to join. He’s been playing about a week so far and is already level 100+. I’ve helped him with a little real money to get death knight armour and a good start. He’ll play at least an hour most days.

I don’t want him joining chat or discord or FB at his age - I can convey messages to him via PM here on the forum if needed - I’m here every day.

Do you think TAG TWO would suit?


I don’t see why not. Please contact Matte (PSN ID - Figuren76) and ask him if he can take him in (pretty sure he will)


Thanks I’ve messaged him on PSN. If you speak to him at all, please do put a good word in…


Figuren76 (Matte) is still looking for some great casual players. Additionally If you are a bit more than Casual and want to move into a top guild the easiest way into TAG is to come from TAG TWO, as we look there first to see if anyone wants move up when ever we get an opening before moving on to our wait list.


TAG TWO has space for 2 new members please contact PSN “Figuren76” for details and an invite don’t miss your chance to be part of a great casual guild rising up the leader board!

TWO TWO has some openings now, they are looking for some great casual but active players please contact PSN ID “Figuren76” the GM (Matte) for more details and an invite


Rank # 114 - TAG TWO is recruiting for active players now contact PSN ID “Figuren76” for details!